Akame ga Kill: Another Side of Things

Akira, a girl who was sent on a mission by her father just before he passed, has entered the Capital. Will she be able to finish this mission or will she fall prey to Night Raid or Esdese's personal military force.


5. Kill the Date

This chapter will be a little bit of a side story that will focus on the relationship between Wave and Akira. As you may remember, in the last chapter a sleeping Akira made Wave sleep with her. Please bare with me since I'm not great with romance. If my updates seem rushed, it is because I can't sleep and I have nothing else to do. There may be lemons in this chapter, I'm not sure. Read and find out.

Akira slowly woke from her dream. As she began to regain her senses, she realized she was hugging something, squeezing it between her breasts. When she opened her eyes, she was startled. On top of her blanket was a sleeping Wave. Startled and unsure of what was going on, Akira screamed. "Kyah! What are you doing in my room, Wave?"

Wave woke up when he heard the scream. Obviously not as surprised as Akira, Wave spoke slightly drowsily. "Why are you screaming. It was you who pulled me onto your bed."

"Huh, I did what? You're saying I wanted you to sleep with me."

"Oh, wait. You were asleep when you pulled me onto the bed. To think I let a sleeping girl catch me off guard."

"If that is the case, don't think anything of it. I do stupid things in my sleep."

"You also talk in your sleep. You told me not to leave you alone. Are you really that lonely?"

"N-no! Well, maybe I am. Even though I lived with my father, we were never very close, so that is why I strove to keep my ties to him."

"I see. So you were just sub-consciously reaching our for someone to keep you company. If you want, I can sleep in here very now and then, or you can sleep in my room every now and then."

"Wha-what are you saying?" Akira asked, blushing, "I'm a teenage girl, and you are a teenage boy. We aren't even in a relationship. Why would you even say that?"

"I wasn't saying it like that. I meant it more like a way to keep you company. You looked relieved when I didn't try to pull away last night, even though you were asleep."

"If I feel lonely I'll tell you, but don't mention this to anyone else."

At that moment, Seryu opened the door. "Sorry but I've been listening since I heard the scream. Young love is a beautiful thing, isn't it."

"We only met yesterday!" Akira and Wave yelled at the same time, then looked at each other. "Don't copy me." They said in unison again.

This time Akira got the jump. "Stop doing that. It makes us sound like a couple."

"Well the way we are arguing right now, we do look like one. And I did just sleep in your bed. I may not have been under the covers with you, but it doesn't change the fact that you sub-consciously wanted me to sleep with you. And you are saying this while hugging the blanket up above your cheeks because you know I am right."

"Ju-ju-just get out already. You too Seryu."

"Alright, I'll leave you two love birds alone." With that, Seryu turned on her heal and left.

"I told you to get out, Wave."

"Alright Akira. Remember, If you are ever lonely, don't hesitate to tell me." Wave stood up and left.

Akira reached her arm out and was about to say something, but decided not to.

1 month later

Since the start of the Jaegers, Akira and Wave had been sent on quite a few missions together, a couple of them resulting in them having to sleep outside. They were both unaware of Esdese wanting her little pet to be happy, so they took at as coincidence. After working together so much, they g=agreed to go on a 'date' on their next day off.

In the meeting room

"That is all for today." General Esdese said, wrapping up the meeting. "You have the rest of the day to yourselves." None of her subordinates noticed that Esdese looked relieved when Akira was elated at the news.

"I can guess what Wave and Akira are going to do." Seryu said, looking at Akira's joyous face. "Judging by the look on Akira's face, those two are going on a date."

Akira couldn't respond due to her overwhelming excitement, so Wave did. "Does it matter what we do on a day off? I think not, so don't follow us, and don't end any of those creepy lab rats, Dr. Stylish."

'Yeah, if I see any, they are as good as barbecue." Akira said, snapping out of her delusion.

"Please don't hurt my experiments. I've put a lot of time and effort into those." Dr. Stylish said with a whimper.

"If they get in the way of me having a good time, you won't see them until I've had my fill of burning them alive."

"Fine, they won't follow you."

"You still worry me with that, Akira. Please don't burn me." Wave said with mock concern.

"Don't worry. You are far from the top of my incineration list."

"That is reassuring. I would love to see who handles fires better, though. You or Bols"

"I'm not sure. Akira seems to find more enjoyment in it." Bols said as he handed everyone tea.

Akira downed the tea in one gulp. "Your tea is as good as ever. This is why you will never get touched by my flames."

"Thank you for your kind words, Akira. You seem to be more energetic since you have been around Wave more."

"You're right. Are you sure you two aren't doing anything late into the night?"

"Yes we are." Wave and Akira said in unison.

"God damn it. How many times are we going to do that?" Akira asked Wave.

"I'm not sure, but I don't think it will end anytime soon."

"The two love birds say they aren't doing this and that, but they will never tell us the truth." Seryu said, teasing Wave

"We aren't. Kurome, help me out here." Wave said pleading to the small girl who was eating her snacks, ignoring Waves pleas.

"Why aren't you asking me? I'm the one who has slept with you." Akira said, slightly joking but also with a deadly serious tone at the same time.

"Don't say it like that Akira; they'll misunderstand." Wave said.

"We understand perfectly fine. I'd like to congratulate Akira for doing what I've failed to do." Seryu said, now teasing Akira.

This time it was Akira's turn to blush from ear to ear. "We haven't gone that far yet."

"Yet. That is the key word. We don't know how long till it does happen."

"Akira, let's leave already." Wave said, tired of the teasing.

"Yeah. Seryu is too mean." Akira said, silently cursing herself for playing along in the first place.

Once they were outside of the palace, Wave led Akira to wherever he was planning to take her. "Where are you leading me, Wave?"

"I found this bookstore last week. I saw some interesting books, and they might help us get at Seryu." Wave said, having no ulterior motives.

"Sounds perfect. I better not see you looking at any other girls today."

"You're beauty is unmatched. Why would I look at someone else?"

"That is reassuring and flattering. You've gotten much better at flattering me."

"I've learned what you like. Oh, would you some of that?" Wave asked, pointing to a stand that was selling roasted meats.


When the two approached the stand, the owner shied away. Akira's reputation as a pyromaniac and a sadist had spread throughout the capital, so many people feared her. "What would you like?" The owner asked with a weak voice.

"If you don't treat this kind young lady like you would anyone else, I will personally see to this stand's demise."

"It's fine. People are naturally scared of people like me. I'm notorious for being someone who likes to burn others alive, so what would you expect?" Akira said with a depressed tone.

"I know that, but they still shouldn't treat you like this. Aren't you keeping them safe?"

"It's fine. As long as you treat me fine, I'll be fine."

"Alright. We'll go somewhere else."

"I've got a place in mind. I'm a frequent customer and the bartender knows my actual personality, so it's fine."

"Don't tell me we are drinking in the middle of the day."

"Don't worry it'll be fun. The food there is also good."

"Alright. After that, let's go to the book store."


Once they entered the bar, one of the other frequent visitors greeted Akira. "So you were telling the truth. You really are dating someone."

"Why would I lie, Kasai?"

"I don't know. Even though you can be a little rough, your beauty is more than worth it for some. You even rival General Esdese, but no one will go for that sadist. I hear she will be watching a tournament today. You two should go watch. Akira will enjoy it for sure."

"Alright, I'll take her there. You hear that? We're going there instead of that shop." Wave said. When he looked at Akira, he realized she was excited at the thought of watching a tournament. She really does like fighting. Eh, the way she looks when she is excited is cute.

"Hey Hikaru, I'll have the usual drink and meal. What'll you have, Wave?" Akira said, calling out to someone behind the bar.

"Eh, I'll take what she's getting." Wave said, not knowing what he was getting himself into.

"I'd be careful with what you ask for. That girl can handle even the toughest alcohol we have here. I don't think I've ever seen her drunk, even though she comes here almost every day."

"Yeah, she talks about this place when we are on missions. She says your sandwiches are good."

"Damn right they are, but I don't think I will make the sandwich she gets for anyone except her. The damn thing is a monster, and she eats two of them. Hell =, now I know why her breasts are so damn big for her age. Hell, they're big for a grown women." When he said this, he got an evil glare from Wave. "Don't worry. This is usual exchange for us. Most of the guys in here know she is off limits. If they don't, I make sure they do before they try anything. Your girl is safe here."

"You do this even though you've heard the rumors about her. That makes me glad."

"Why wouldn't I. She is nothing but nice around her, and none of the regulars have a problem with her, since she was here before the rumors started showing up."

"Thank you for taking care of her. I'll take over when she is elsewhere."

"No problem. I'll go get those sandwiches. Marissa, get them Akira's usual." The owner called out to a girl in a maid uniform. "Oh, one warning: Don't let your eyes wander."

"I've already been warned."


The girl named Marissa looked at Hikaru questioningly. "Are you sure that boy can handle this? It is the toughest alcohol we have here."

"Yeah, go ahead. And let's try to get Akira drunk for once. I'll give her half off on alcohol for today."

"But didn't you here that they were going to the tournament later."

"Hey, Hikaru. Get Wave a non-alcoholic drink for now. We'll come back after the tournament."


After a little while, Akira and Wave had finished their sandwiches, and Akira was polishing off her second drink. "Are you sure you're only 16. You are drinking like an old man, but are still sober?"

Akira replied only slightly inebriated. "I'm not -hic- perfectly fine, but I'm better than anyone else might be."

"You cease to amaze me."

"Isn't that the point of a date. We get to know each other even better. I might learn that you are weak to alcohol later and have to carry you back to the palace."

"I wouldn't dare let someone do that to me. If anything, I'll be carrying you back to the palace."

The bartender had arrived at the table to collect Akira's empty mug and the money. "I'll make sure you have to carry each other back to the palace tonight. If you can't, I've got a room you can use upstairs."

"If she has her way we might need to."

"I'll see you later. You two need to hurry if you are going to make it to the tournament."

"Okay, thank you for the food."

"Your welcome."

"Let's go, Wave. We might be late as it is."

Once they got there, Akira paid for their entry. Since they were running late, the fighting started as soon as they sat down. After a few fights, Akira grew bored. "Man these people aren't any good. Why won't any good fighters show their faces?"

"You'd have to ask the good fighters themselves."

"You're right. I should have entered it myself."

The announcer said the winner of the fight that just ended, then introduced one of the fighters. As the other fighter walked out, the killing intent from a certain area rose nearly one hundred fold. Wave, noticing this, turned to look at Akira. When he saw her eyes, there was a look of absolute hatred, and a hint of the look he saw when he met her. "Who is that boy to warrant such a reaction from you?"

"He is the person from Night Raid that survived on that boat. If you tell Esdese he is here, I'll make sure I kill him before she gets her hands on him." Akira said with a growl that would scare even the Tyrant that created his Grand Chariot.

"I'll take that to heart."

He saw Akira stand up and begin to yell so loud, that you could hear it everywhere in the coliseum. "If you lose this, I will come down there and fucking kill you myself!"

Down in the arena...

Tatsumi heard a familiar voice threatening him, and when he looked at the source, his blood lust skyrocketed. That bitch is here. If only I could make my way to her now, I'd kill her myself. "Today is not your lucky day." Tatsumi said with a huge grin. "I want to get this over with quick so I can deal with someone else."

"Don't get so cocky, puny boy." His huge opponent said. At that moment he lost sight of Tatsumi. A moment later he lost all feeling below his waist as he felt himself fall to the ground.

Up near the VIP spectators...

Esdese looked at the young, brown-haired, green-eyed boy with lust in her eyes. "He's the one. He's the one I want to fall in love with."

Back to the regular seats...

Akira was watching closely as she saw Esdese walk down to the arena. Akira saw her say something she couldn't hear and then put a collar around his neck. Is she making him her pet. What the fuck is this. If he is her pet, I can't touch him. Damn it all to hell. "Wave, I can't watch anymore. We're going back to the bar, and I'm making sure I get drunk."

"Alright. If you are feeling like this, it kinda makes me feel pissed. I'll get drunk with you."

"We'll have to take the old man's offer tonight."


Everyone in the bar felt the murderous intent walk through the door. When they looked to see what caused it, they saw Akira. Kasai looked at her and was worried. "Was the fighting that bad? If so I'm sorry for recommending it."

Akira walked right by without responding. "I'm sorry. She's more than a little pissed." Wave said, apologizing for Akira's atmosphere.

"The whole bar could tell that much."

"Hikaru, get me something that could keep me from killing someone the moment I walk into the palace. I think Esdese just welcomed someone who I want to kill more than anyone else into the Jaegers' ranks."

"That sounds like hell. I'll get you the best we got. You're lucky. We usually only sell this on the days of major events." Hikaru said, not even fazed by Akira's mood, since this is not the first time she's come here pissed. This is however, the first time she had the intention to get drunk.

"Thank you. I plan on forgetting what I saw today in hopes that I am dreaming."

"This'll do it. I'll get your friend some of the other stuff."


A few seconds later, Akira and Wave had drinks and were sitting at a table. "Are you sure about this. If what you said is true, then you might be better off killing him now."

"No he's Esdese's pet. If I do anything to him, she would torture me."

"Ah. I feel sorry for you."

A few drinks and a sandwich later, Akira finally felt the feeling of being drunk. Wave was pretty drunk as well, but not as bad as Akira. "Can you -hic- believe it? He -hic- tried to fight a bear with a butter knife." Akira said with a few hiccups.

"Your friend sounds like a funny guy." Wave said, struggling to remain composed even though Akira was already laughing her ass off and without restraint.

"You -his- actually can handle your alcohol bet-hic- better than me. I'm surprised."

Kasai looked over at Akira from his table and commented on Akira's statement. "No, you've just had more drinks than him."

"You're right. Let's change that." Akira then scooted closer to wave and linked their arms together. Once she did that, however clumsily she was, she tilted her mug up and forced Wave to drink with her. Both of their mugs were drained in that gulp.

"Hey, maybe you two should retire." Hikaru said, slightly concerned for the young boy. That boy sure chose a great person to drink with for the first time.

"You're right." Wave said once he had recovered. "I'll pay you in the morning. She has the money and I don't know where she keeps it."

"Alright. I'll hold you to it."

"Come one, up you go Akira." Wave hoisted Akira over his shoulder and helped her walk up the stairs. When they got to their room, Wave about helped her undress then realized the situation they were in. I'm in the same room as a drunk Akira. I don't now if this will turn out well, and there is only one bed.

"Awww, don't be a baby. Help me out of this." Akira said. "I'm not so drunk as to where I don't know what I'm saying, and I'm saying help me get this off."

"O-okay." Wave walked over to Akira and helped her unzip the back of her chinese dress. The black fabric fell to the ground to reveal black underwear.

"You get undressed too. I feel kinda embarrassed." Wave could have sworn he saw her cheeks get even redder, which he thought was impossible because of the alcohol.

Wave gave into her urging and stripped to his boxers.

"So that is what you look like when you only have underwear on." Even though Akira was drunk, she seemed to have gotten control of her voice again and it sounded very alluring. Akira walked over to where he took off his clothes and pulled him to the bed, walking with a slight sway in her hips.

Wave was bewildered at what was going on. I am not sure what is going on, but I kinda like it. His thoughts were interrupted when he was pushed down on the bed. A little friend of his was beginning to grow in size and Akira knew it. She knelt down at the edge of the end and started to stare at a bulge in his underwear.

"Can I?" She asked expectantly, looking up only a second.

"Do I have a choice?"

"If you don't want to I'll stop now." Akira said, surprising Wave since she is usually more forward when they are alone.

"I'm not saying I don't want to. I mean there is no denying it, but we're both drunk. Are you sure you want your first to be when you are drunk?" Wave asked.

"I don't think I could do this any other way, since even I am normally nervous when it comes to these kinds of things." Akira said, once again surprising Wave.

"Then let me take the lead at least. Do you want me to get you prepared?" Wave said. He knew that foreplay usually helped with the entrance from the things he'd read.

"No, the alcohol has made me wet enough. And don't worry, I'm safe right now." By this time Akira had sat back on the bed, and Wave had put her on her back. When he looked at her panties, he saw that the moisture had seeped through.

"I see." Wave got off of her long enough to remover her underwear, both the bra and panties, and his underwear. His friend stood at attention in front of her entrance. "Are you ready? It might hurt, so if you want me to, I'll stop."

"Go ahead. I'm ready for it."

"Okay. I'm going in now." As he slowly pushed inside of her, he could see her wincing in pain. "Are you sure you're okay, Akira. I don't want you to do this if you don't want to."

"Keep going." Akira said barely audible.

After a little bit more pushing, he made it to her hymen. "This will hurt, so if you are not sure, I will stop now." Instead of using words, Akira wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight. "Okay." He slowly started to push into her hymen. He could tell she was in pain by the feeling of nails digging into his back, but he kept going. After pushing like this for another minute or so, he broke through her hymen, eliciting a scream that was muffled by his chest. Wave stopped where he was to let her recover.

"I'm fine, this is nothing. Keep going." Akira said, even though this is the most pain she'd ever felt, even with the alcohol numbing the pain.

Wave continued pushing at her urging until he hit her deepest spot. He stopped for a moment to let her recover again. To help ease the pain, Wave began fondling her nipples, which had become erect. Doing this elicited a few moans. "I'm going to move again." The only response he got was a nod. As he began to move his hips again, he continued to fondle her nipples. Once he was sure that moving no longer hurt her, he slowly began moving faster. While he thrust, Akira began moaning more and more. Wave bent his head down and started sucking on one of her breasts while he played with the other in his hand, causing Akira to almost go over the edge. I'm not going to last much longer than this.

"Wave, I feel something coming. I think I'm close."

"I am too, Akira." Wave said, almost unable to hold it any longer.

"I'm cumming, Wave!" Akira yelled as she climaxed.

"Me too." Wave grunted as he came in her deepest parts.

Once the two had both fallen from their climaxes, they showered, realizing the alcohol was still affecting making it hard to walk.

After the shower they laid in the bed staring into each other's eyes. "I love you, Wave."

"And I, you, Akira." After those words were exchanged they soon fell asleep, hands clasped together in between them.

I told you there might be lemons. So review and tell me how my first ever lemon scene was. I got this devilish idea as I was writing it, and I had to make sure the rating was correct when I posted this chapter. Also, why my longest chapter so far is a lemons chapter, I don't know. This was supposed to be a short chapter that was only like a date between Wave and Akira, but things changed.

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