BestFriend to Boyfriend

Hi, I'm Loren. After the last day of school, I'm going to be a soon to be university student. Calum, my BestFriend and I, soon tell each other our feelings for one another.

What do you think will happen?

Thank you to whoever may be reading this book at the moment, and I hope you don't delete or get sick of this book. Because so far, I've worked hard on this book.

Thank you<3


9. Plans with friends//7


Loren soon falls asleep after our conversation that seemed to not go on for long, sadly.

I get up, and walk downstairs to start a 4 way call, with my three BestFriends. the ones that Loren doesn't know about, but will today.

Luke: "Hello?"

Ashton: "Hey Cal."

Michael "Hey guys! What's up??"

Calum: "Hey guys, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today? It's not just gonna be me, I'm gonna bring a friend." I smirk and wait for their voices to realize what I just said.

Michael "A friend? Well like wha-"

Ashton "Is it a girl?!"

I start to laugh.

Calum "Yes it's a girl, Ashton."

Ashton "Good, then we could start talking, and get to know each other, and then maybe.. You know.. Date. Haha, I'm so excited"

Luke "Ashton, what if she already has a boyfriend?

I smile when I hear Luke say that.

Ashton "Well I could beat him up if she does, and then who ever wins, which is obviously gonna be me, gets the girl."

Calum "But Ashton, what if the guy, that has the girl.. Is your BestFreind?..." I say slowly.

Luke and Michael "Your dating her?!"

Ashton "Calum? I'm so sorry, I would never beat you up, I had no clue that you two were dating. I promise, today when we hang out, I won't touch her or say hi even. I promise. Your one of my three BestFriends, I wouldn't do that to you, Calum. I'm sorry."

Calum "It's okay, Ashton. You could say hi, and shake her hand or hug her when you meet, it's okay."

Ashton "Okay. Well I'm gonna go get ready."

Luke "Me too"

Michael "Me three.. Haha see what I did there?"

Calum "Yep, Me too"

Michael "Heyy! You didint say me fou-"

And we all hung up.

I get in the shower and start to get ready.

Black skinny jeans, a black shirt with back converse. I comb my hair the way I like it, and go downstairs.

I walk over to Loren, who is still sleeping.

"Looooooreen??" I say sloftly shaking her.

"I'm up." She mumbles. I start to laugh "Go get ready" I say smiling.

She gets up and has a shower.

She comes downstairs wearing white jeans, with a red shirt and black vans.

I nod and smile "Let's go" I say opening the door for her to walk through.

"Where are we going?" She says as we get in the car.

"Surprise" I say laughing.

She nods and goes on her phone. The car ride was so quiet and I didn't like it.

We finally got there, I was dying of the quietness and anxiousness of her meeting my friends. I'm hoping they act normal and not weird.

We got out and walked into the restaurant, we sat down in a booth and started talking about random things. People started when we would laugh but we didn't care. We just went on with it.

I finally saw Michael, Luke and Ashton walk in. They saw me and walked over, and that's when Loren looked up from her menu.

"umm, there's more tables?" Andria says sassily. I put my hand on her arm "No, Loren, I'd like you to meet my BestFriends. Luke, Ashton and Michael.." I say smiling as they sit down.

She looks really confused. Let's see where this takes us.

A/N: IM BACK! I am soo sorry guys! I have been really busy with school and all that. I've had homework, and thanksgiving. no internet and problems like that. thank you sooo much for 6k reads!! I love you guys sooo incredibly much. ❤️


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