BestFriend to Boyfriend

Hi, I'm Loren. After the last day of school, I'm going to be a soon to be university student. Calum, my BestFriend and I, soon tell each other our feelings for one another.

What do you think will happen?

Thank you to whoever may be reading this book at the moment, and I hope you don't delete or get sick of this book. Because so far, I've worked hard on this book.

Thank you<3


1. I really missed her//1

This is me, Loren.



I walked in my class, extremely eager to learn what our teacher had prepared for us on the last day of school.

Just kidding, I really didn't care.

It's not like anyone actually did. Our teacher was a man who was clearly going bald and was starting to see that all his life would add up to was teaching a bunch of seniors things that none of them cared about.

I sat in my usual seat which was right next to the window so I could absentmindedly stare outside, wishing to be free of this prison, luckily I won't have to be in here any longer and I'm moving on next school year, for university

Today, class could potentially be fun though, like we could get off school early because there's nothing else to work on, or maybe I could get called out by Calum.

Calum, is my Best Friend. He doesn't go to school because he's already in university, next year, I'm going to be at the same university as him. I'm so excited.

=Skip to end of school=

Cal:)- Lor, meet me at my house after school k?:) Right away. xx

Loren- What's happening? And schools already over soo.

Cal:)- I want to talk to you. :) It's good, nothing bad. xx

Loren- Okay, be there soon. :)

I got in my car, and drove to Calums house, I saw his car in his driveway so he was obviously home. I opened the door to his house and saw him sitting on the couch, watching tv.

"Hey, Cal." I said flopping down beside him.

"Hey" He says turning the volume down. "Why'd u want me to come here?" I said walking to the fridge and grabbing a can of Pepsi for myself and sitting back down.

"Well," he starts "I wanted to ask you if you'll come with me to this party tonight as my date." I glanced at him with a surprised expression.

"Uhh.. Yeah sure." I said taking a sip of my drink. "Okay, thanks" he grabs my drink in my hand and takes a sip.

=1 hour later=

"CALUM IM HOME" I hear a familiar voice call from the front door; I shut the tv off and crawl to the other couch and try wake Calum up.

"Calum, someone's here" I say shaking his arm.

"Hmm? I'm up." He says standing up.

"Ca-Oh my gosh!!! LOREN!!Calums mom comes up and hugs me. "Hii!" I say and hug her back.

She guides me to the couch and sits me down. "So? How've you been? I haven't seen you ever since Calum went into University!" She holds my hands as she's talking to me.

"I've actually been, great! Yeah, I'm getting good grades. And since Calum is gone I don't mess around anymore" I say laughing a bit with Calum.

"Yeah, you guys were really jokesters weren't you?" She starts laughing.

=We continue talking for about another 30 minutes until I went home=

Once I got home I saw my mom sitting on the table on her phone, she flashes me a nice smile before I run upstairs to my room.

The first thing I do is text Calum.

Loren- Wow, Cal. Your mom was happy to see me, haha.

I start playing my guitar and wait for Calum to respond.

=2 minutes later=

Calum:)- Hey Lor. Haha, yeah she was. She really missed you, you know? :')

Loren- I guess. Haha, I really missed her too.

I shut my phone off and lay on my bed and start to watch tv.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna spend all day with Calum.

=1 hour later=

I was getting tired of watching tv, so I shut it off and slowly drifted off to bed.

A N: Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the book already, I've written 6 books already, and never posted them. So maybe in the future chapters, if any one asks for me to post them and they actually like my books, I'll post them. Okay?



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