BestFriend to Boyfriend

Hi, I'm Loren. After the last day of school, I'm going to be a soon to be university student. Calum, my BestFriend and I, soon tell each other our feelings for one another.

What do you think will happen?

Thank you to whoever may be reading this book at the moment, and I hope you don't delete or get sick of this book. Because so far, I've worked hard on this book.

Thank you<3


2. Getting ready//2


I woke up to my phone ringing.

"Dad..." I whisper to myself before answering the phone.

"Hello?" I say looking at my posters on my wall.

"Hi, Loren." He pauses for a bit. "I was wondering if you wanted to come golfing with me? You know, since we never do anymore." He speaks into the phone.

"I'm going out with Calum today." I say sharply.

"Oh, okay. Maybe another time then. Okay... Um. Bye then?" He stutters and then hangs up.

Loren- Hey, wanna go out today with me?

Calum:)- Yeah! Sure, me or you drive?:)

Loren- Me. :)

Calum:) Okay, uh, pick me up in 10 minutes. I have to smell good ;)

Loren- Haha okay.

I quickly go in the shower, and wash myself. I get out and dry my hair, And get dressed.

A black t-Shirt with short sleeves up to my shoulders, and an open back, Black high waisted shorts. A red flannel and black combat boots.

I put on little makeup, eyeliner, mascara, and blush. My skin is very fare so I don't need tons and tons of Makeup.

I was soon done, so I grabbed my keys from my night stand and walked out to my car, and drove to Calums.

I walked in, and didn't see Calum so I went upstairs and heard the shower on. I walked in his room and sat on his bed and went on my phone.

2 minutes later, Calum came walking into his room. I looked at him, and he looked at me and smiled.

"Hey Loren, didn't know you'd be this fast. Haha, how long have you been here for?" He says spraying himself with some cologne.

"About 5 minutes?" I say looking at my phone.

He nods and looks in his drawer. I stop what I'm doing and look at him.

"Need help?" I get up and sit next to him.

"I don't know what to wear." He puts his hand on his chin and softly smiles.

I hand him black skinny jeans wit rips on the knees, a white shirt and a black and white flannel.

He gets up and starts to change. I go back on his bed, go on my phone and wait for him to change.

He walks up to me and shows me his outfit. "How does it look? I mean, you picked it. But how does it look?" He starts to blush.

"It looks good, actually." I say getting up and facing us both to the mirror.

"Wow.." Calum says putting his arm around my shoulders.


Wow, she's absolutely stunning.. I can't stop staring at her. Whenever she looks at me I don't know what to do. I know it's not normal for BestFriends to like each other, but it's only a little crush. It's only a little crush anyways, maybe I'll tell her today. Maybe.

A N: Helloo, sorry for the short chapter, this was just about them getting ready for their date and stuff. As the title said.. "Getting ready"

I don't want to ruin each chapter by writing some big line that's in the book, in the title of the chapter..

I don't think that even made any sense.

Okay. Byee! <3


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