BestFriend to Boyfriend

Hi, I'm Loren. After the last day of school, I'm going to be a soon to be university student. Calum, my BestFriend and I, soon tell each other our feelings for one another.

What do you think will happen?

Thank you to whoever may be reading this book at the moment, and I hope you don't delete or get sick of this book. Because so far, I've worked hard on this book.

Thank you<3


3. Day with Calum//3


We pulled out of Calum's driveway and right away Calum blasted the music. He started to move his body and arms to the music, I did the same.

We pulled up to the mall and right away Calum spoke. "Lor, why are we here?" Calum pouts looking at the mall.

"I'm gonna buy you something" I say getting out, walking to the other side and literally pulling Calum out of the car.

"Okay, okay!" Calum yells walking. I lock my car and we walk inside.

"Okay. I have to go places, so you go to your stores, and I'll go to mine." I say smirking as I walk away from Calum and go to Journeys.

I finally get there after what seems like forever, I get there and see black and white Converse and Vans, and as soon as I see them I think of Calum, and how muddy his shoes are. So, I bring out both shoes, his sizes and buy them. I leave and sit on a bench.

Loren- Hey Cal, Where are you? I'm done.

Calum:)- I'm in the food court. :)

I go to the food court and see Calum sitting down at a table, on his phone.

I sit down with him, and tap his shoulder "Let's go" I whisper.

He gets up and we walk to my car. "So, what did you get me huh?" He says nudging my shoulder.

"Wait until we get to my house." I say pulling out if the parking lot.

=15 minutes later=

Minutes later, we arrived at my house. Calum basically dragged me inside eager to find out what I bought him.

"OKAY GIMME!" He yells snatching the bags from my hands.

"If it's like, colouring or something.... I'm gonna kill you." He speaks giving me the death glare.

I shake my head, watching him open his gifts.

He takes out his shoes and hugs the box "LOREN!!! W-WHAT?! OH MY GAAAHH YOUR THE BEST!!" He hugs me and slowly let's go.

He opens his converse and basically did the same. Just not screaming this time.

We decided to hang out in my bedroom, so we went up stairs and we sat on my bed.

"Loren, I have something to tell you." Calum says breaking the silence.

I look at him. "What?" I say looking into his eyes."I-I Like you.." He starts blushing and so do I.

I can't believe he feels this way. Should I say the same?


A N: This was probably the worst cliff hanger ever.. I hate it too. I wouldn't take it to the heart if you commented rude things, keep commenting whatever, it's what your heart feels right? So let it out.

Bye, people <3


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