She Needs a Savior

Adriana is bullied, even though she is beautiful. Adriana believes everyone in school that has bullied her. But when Alex comes to the school and helps her. Can Alex help Adriana look past her imperfections or will everything become to much for this small town girl?


10. Watch Your Back

Alex's POV


I just dropped Adriana off at her house and now I am at my front door. Will's car is in the driveway so I know that he is home. I stand outside for a few minutes to control my anger before I go and talk to him. After I've calmed down I went to go into the house and my anger was back immediately.


Will was make out with Emily in the bathing suits. They were so engrossed in each other that they didn't even notice me walk in. I was so made they were about to notice me. Emily is lucky I am against hurting girls.


"Get out of my house." I said with so much venom in my voice. Emily practically ran out of my house. Will was standing there and had an angry look on his face. He probably would have taken a swing at me but he knew he would lose.


"What did you do that for?" He said but took a step back scared of me.


"What was that on the football field? Are you kidding me? Your dad would beat your butt for that! You hit a girl! A girl that is already bullied! You added on to that! You are a jerk! I not going to tell your dad though. I am just going to beat you instead." I said as I punched him in the stomach. He double over and looked up at me.


"Why do you care? You've only been her for two weeks and she has been in the hospital the whole time." He said as though I didn't know that.


"Ya I know that! Who do you think brought her to the hospital? Who do you think brought her the work she had missed?" I yelled as I punched him again. A look of realization came over his face. Just as he was about to say something there was a knock on the door. He got lucky. This time. I growled at him. I went to go open the door and it was the last person I would have guessed.




Adriana's POV

Alex has been really nice to me and I just found out that Will is his step-brother. He still defended me and I need to find a way to thank him for everything. It was super easy to find his address, so I got in my car and headed over there. When I got there Emily came running out she was going so fast she didn't even notice me sitting in the car. I knew that meant Alex was home and he was mad. Plus her being there added to the fuel. After I got over my shock I got out of the car. I could here yelling and then a grunt of pain. I ran to the door and knocked. When Alex and Will opened the door, to say they were shocked is an understatement.

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