She Needs a Savior

Adriana is bullied, even though she is beautiful. Adriana believes everyone in school that has bullied her. But when Alex comes to the school and helps her. Can Alex help Adriana look past her imperfections or will everything become to much for this small town girl?


8. Oh No!

Adriana's pov

So I have math first. I walked in there thinking know one was going to hurt me because of Alex. Let me tell you this they were just waiting for him to leave my side. Instantly everyone went back to normal. I had papers thrown at me so said things other were just to annoy me even more.

"Oh my gosh, just stop! You are not cool for doing this you're just wasting paper and wasting your own time." I said finally have enough of this treatment. Emily just looks up at me with the worst expression I have ever seen. I didn't relize she was in here. Oh no!

"Shut up. No one want to hear your discussing voice. Some people actually like there hearing don't ruin it for them." Wow that one hurt. I never thought that even my normal talking voice was soooo horrible.

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I don't have the money to get me plastic surgery. I wouldn't want to have everyone think I was a fake Barbie." I said back I could let Alex fight all my battles.

"Um. Excuse me! What did you just say to me, you think Alex being in the school will stop me from punching you until you can see." She screamed

"I know you wouldn't do it. Not without screaming about how you broke a nail and them trying to get me I trouble even though it is clear I'm the victim." She is so stupid sometimes!

"That it come to the football field after school and don't go crying to Alex you stupid baby." She finished just after the bell rang.

Alex's pov

As I was walking around the school I could hear everyone talking about how someone was going to get bet up after school. Being the person I am I went up to someone and asked about. When they told me I was suppose to know about it, I knew Adriana was the one getting beat up by Emily.

If Emily thinks I am going to let that happen she has another thing coming. When I said I was going to keep Adriana safe I meant it! Emily better watch her back. If you threaten my friends, especially a friend I pla to make my girlfriend, you threaten me and you don't want to threaten the "bad boy".

I'll ask Adriana about. I doubt she will tell me anything so I guess I'll just sneak in so it doesn't seem like she told me. That's what they want right? They want to make her look like she can't fight her own battles. I know she can but I'll be there and if anyone has the upper hand it better be her or I might just have to beat someone up

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