She Needs a Savior

Adriana is bullied, even though she is beautiful. Adriana believes everyone in school that has bullied her. But when Alex comes to the school and helps her. Can Alex help Adriana look past her imperfections or will everything become to much for this small town girl?


6. My Jacket

Adriana's pov

"Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!!!!"

I tried turning my alarm clock off but that was not the source of the noise. What is that annoying sound. I would get up and figure it out but I am way to tried right now.

"Get up Adriana, get up Adriana, get up Adriana, get up Adriana!!!!!!!!!" Never mind I recognize that voice.

"Shut up Alex, it's to early to be awake." He is so annoying so times. Handsome but annoying.

"Adriana we have about twenty minutes until we are late for school." Alex say. Aww isn't he sweet he's pretend to care up school for me. He is such a softy. I can believe all that he has done for me in such a little bit of time.

"Get out!"I yelled as I kick him in his butt.

*at school*

Me and Alex get out of the car. Alex is wearing his black leather jacket as always with a dark blue v-neck, black skinny jeans and white Adidas. I was wearing the black leathers jacket Alex gave me, a light purple shirt that has dark blue stripes on is with skinny blue jeans, and light purple converses.

Alex's pov

Adriana is wearing her jacket. I didn't think she was actually going to wear. She put a big fight when in got it for her I'm the hospital.


"Hey Adriana I got you a present,"

"Go take it back, now!" She didn't even look at the bag or anything. Wow that hurt more then it should have.

"Will you at least look at what I got you" gez it took me forever to find the perfect gift but I did! As she open the gift I could see her face go from emotionless to confuse to happy to anger.

" you got you a leather jacket?!?! This must have cost a ton! Take it back right now!" She looked so conflicted.

"No I can tell that you love it. I have way to much money as it is. Buying that jacket makes no difference plus I went to a store were all sakes are final," haha, I won,

*Present times*

I was right that jacket looks soooo good on her. I love her whole out fit. She looks so hot right now I can't even think straight. Well,school here we come. Watch out!

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