She Needs a Savior

Adriana is bullied, even though she is beautiful. Adriana believes everyone in school that has bullied her. But when Alex comes to the school and helps her. Can Alex help Adriana look past her imperfections or will everything become to much for this small town girl?


5. Lunch... Date?

Adriana's pov

Alex and I are going to lunch now. To tell you the truth I'm nervous. While is was in the hospital I saw how sweet he is and I think I'm starting to fall. It's silly I know he would never like a girl like me. But I couldn't help it:(

So anyways we are right outside Cheddar. They have the absolutely best. Burgers and strawberry lemonade there.

"Table for two?" the hostess asked.

"Yes please," I said

"Here you two go your waitress will be right with you" and then with a smile she left.

"So what are you going to get Alex?" I asked

"A hamburger and French fries... What about you?" He asked

"A hamburger and a salad" I said as the waitress came up. She was really pretty even in her uniform. I bet Alex would go for a girl like her. As soon as she came over she was flirting with Alex.

"Hello... Welcome to Chedders what would you like to eat?" She was facing and looking at him the whole time. The funny part is he just looked at me! He told her our orders. With one last glare at me she walked away.

Alex's pov

I could tell Adriana didn't like the waitress. I didn't either. I saw her glare at Adriana when she walked away who does she think she is really. I didn't want Adriana upset so I graded her hand and ran out of there. We went to McDonalds. Adriana was laugh and giggling the whole time. She is just sooo beautiful.

We were walking on the beach. Are hand kept brushing against each other's. We both kept blushing so I ended it by grad hold her hand. She didn't pull her hand away so I guess that's a good sign right? I don't know how to act. I never been I a relationship were I actually cared.

Tonight was perfect Adriana will be my girlfriend soon I get need to get out of this mushy, shy state I get into with her around and toughen up. I don't I that is what she needs though.

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