She Needs a Savior

Adriana is bullied, even though she is beautiful. Adriana believes everyone in school that has bullied her. But when Alex comes to the school and helps her. Can Alex help Adriana look past her imperfections or will everything become to much for this small town girl?


4. I'm Free

Adriana's pov

Yes I'm finally getting out of the hospital. I ended up having 3 bruised ribs. I also have a bunch of nasty bruises. You know I thought that after Alex saw that I was okay he would walk away. He the exact opposite. Everyday after school he came brought my home and help me with. What he told me yesterday was really funny.


"So Adriana, I have to ask you something. How do you go to very class everyday? I'm about to die of boredom!" Alex said sounding like he was about to die.

"I have always went to class. The teachers like me so I don't see the need to make them hate me too." Every teenager at the school hates as you can see i never saw a need to skip class.

"But it sooo boring the only reason I'm not sleeping through it so that I can help you. I am missing critically sleeping hours." After that he pretended to faint. I sat there laugh at him for like half an hour.

-present time-

Soo I have to get dressed Alex will be here so to take me home, Yaaaay... I hope you could hear the sarcasm in that.

Alex's pov

Oh my gosh school is sooo boring. Does anyone see what Adriana is doing to me she is making me going to class. Well technically she told me I didn't have to but then she would have a bunch of work to do after missing two weeks of school. Man I sound like a softy.

Well I'm about to go pick up Adriana right now. I'm taking her to go eat first. I felt bad that she had to eat that nasty hospital food. When I walk into Adriana's room she was putting her blue converse on. She was wearing a blue tank-top that fit her curves perfectly and made me want to ponce on her and white skinny jeans with her blue converse. She looks so beautiful. I wish would believe me.

"Adriana you like beautiful as always."

"Really Alex you still haven't gone to the eye doctor yet. We're at the hospital you can get on now."

"One day Adriana I will get you to admit that you are beautiful"

"If you stick around long enough" Adriana whispered. I don't think I was suppose to hear that. I could yell you was about to start crying because she was looking at me anymore. So I went over to her and hugged her from behind. Turned her head so she was looking at me and I slowly kissed her as I wiped away her tears with my thumb.

"I'll be hear... Forever," I promised her and I meant it. I was going to be the one she's been looking for. The one to show her that she is wonderful.

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