She Needs a Savior

Adriana is bullied, even though she is beautiful. Adriana believes everyone in school that has bullied her. But when Alex comes to the school and helps her. Can Alex help Adriana look past her imperfections or will everything become to much for this small town girl?


11. Heated

Adriana's POV



"Hey," I said I little unsure of weather I was going to be thrown out or welcomed in. I stood there for a few moments before Will stormed out. I could see him hunched over a bit. I'm guessing he's going to see Emily. I went to turn around to look back at Alex but I was pulled into his house with him giving me a hug. "Are you okay Alex?" I asked as he sighed into my hair?


"Ya, I'm okay I just needed to cool down for a moment," he mumbled into my hair which I though was absolutely adorable.


"Are you cool now?" I asked while chuckling under my breath. That caused him to look down at me with a silly look on his face. When I saw his face I was full on laughing. I had to stop hugging him and clutch my stomach.


"You think that's funny?" I nodded while still clutching my stomach. Next thing I know he is picking my laughing self up bridal style and crying me upstairs to him room. When we got to his room a was still laughing but I had calmed down a bit. Unfortunately when he set me on his bed, he climbed on top of me and started tickling my sides.


"OH MY GOSH STOP ALEX!!!! THAT TICKLES STOP!!!! IM GONNA PEEEEE!!!!" That got him to stop and I was able to calm down. I wasn't going to actually pee but I figured I would have tried anything. Once I settled down I realized the position we were in. Alex had both knees on either side of my waist and he was hold himself up by his elbows. He was so close I could feel his breath on my face. I knew I had to get up before something happened. I got up and stood by his wall look at all him drawings and songs. I but my lip as I saw a picture of me.


"What are you thinking?" Alex asked as he came up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. I sighed contently and laid my head on his chest. I was starting to fall so hard for him.


"I just think you are extremely talented," I turned around in his arms and wrapped my own around his neck. I could see the appreciation that shown in his eyes from what I said. His lips slowly curved up into a smile. That brought my attention to his lips. They were slightly pink and looked so kissable. I saw his head tilt softly to the side and I looked up into his eyes. My eyes started to slide as he got closer to me when his lips were right above mine he stopped. I looked up at him and saw that he was struggling to say something," what's wrong?" I asked pulling back a little.


"I- I- I-, I th- th- think I li- li- like you," he answered with a scared stutter. I was shocked and didn't answer for a moment I was just looking into his his eyes and saw that he was for real. I guess it took me to long to answer though because next thing I know. Alex is stepping away from me with tears running down his eyes," SHIT! I knew saying that was a mistake," he said as more tears ran out of his eyes,"I finally have feelings for a girl and she doesn't want me. I'm so stupid," he kept muttering to himself. He was just beating himself up. Next think I know he punched a wall. I knew I had to stop this and I already knew that I liked him so it would be easily.


"Alex," I said calmly that got him to stop but his shoulders were still shaking as he cried. I broke my heart. "Look at my please," he just shook his head in a silent no. So I went around to stand between him and the wall. As I saw his broken face I had to choke back a sob. Alex's tear stranded face is the worst thing I have ever experienced. I launched myself at him,"Alex, don't cry. I like you! Watching you like this hurts me!" I look into his eye. I think he can tell the I am not lying because next thing I know I feel his lips on mine.


My lips slowly move with his in our passionate kiss. Thats how we our until suddenly he bits down on my lower lip cause me to gasp. He lips his tongue into my mouth and our loving kiss becomes and steamy make out. As his tongue explores my mouth I move my hand up to his hair. I tug softly making him moan. He slowly backs me up till my back I up against the wall. I break the kiss needing to catch my breath but Alex keeps going. Kissing done my neck. When he gets to me ear growls,"Jump." I listened and wrapped my legs around his waist. He is now holding me up by my butt and keeps kiss now my neck. When he gets to the spot where my neck and shoulders meet I let out a soft moan. He starts nipping and suck on the part leaving behind a love bite.


When he pulls up his head to look at his handy work I grab his hard and pull his lips back down to mine. I feel us shift off the wall and I feel the bed on my back. I want to be able to feel his strong arms and sense I left my jacket all I had to do was take his off. I started to pull off his jacket and Alex quickly took it off himself, without breaking the kiss. I wanted his shirt off to this time he had to break to kiss to do this. As he did I took my time drinking in his body. But I noticed something there thin scars all over his torso and arms. I felt tears prick in my eyes and I saw fresh ones.


Alex's POV



I saw tears in Adriana's eyes and I was scared I had hurt her. "Adriana what's wrong? Did I hurt you love?"


"Alex, why would you do that to yourself?" She asked then I realized what was talking about. Every time I have ever taken off my shirt I was either by my self or in the dark. It was the middle of the afternoon. She saw my scars. I looked at her face. And then ran the the bathroom.



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