This is a story of an old timey mansion that has gone untouched by time, and mystery man. The girl out on her luck, wounds up in the mansion.


1. Introduction

In the hill of the mountains in Kentucky there nestled away an old mansion that was built in the early 1800’s and has not been touched by time. The outside was in good condition beside the grass overgrown and vines climbing up the sides of the brick. The columns out front were well rounded and were solid marble. The hand carved stone around the doors and windows are amazing. In the middle of the Mansion there was an opening where there was a lovely garden with a fountain in the middle. The drive way was circular so the horses and carriages did not have to turn around. On the inside it’s a vast rooms with the furniture covered over with cloths to keep the dust off of them, and to hide its secrets. Around the back of the mansion there is a stable and carrel. The stable itself was enormous and the wood detail made it lovelier. It was made with red oak, and black for the roof. Near the stable there is a three story building that people believed belonged to the servants. There was a kitchen, bathroom, and three bedrooms on each floor. It was like a small apartment building where everyone had their own place, but could also be on the same land as their job. Beside the living quarters outback it was to be rumored that some of the servants stayed inside the house as well. It’s to be said no one has ever walked through the whole place since its original owners, due to the twist and turns that await you. Since there are no original plans to be found no one knows quite how many rooms there are in this place or how big the land on the deed is. 

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