This is a story of an old timey mansion that has gone untouched by time, and mystery man. The girl out on her luck, wounds up in the mansion.


2. Chapter 1

It was early January and the first snow fall of the year just started. Tiny snowflakes dance around the sky, being pushed by the wind until their journey coming softly to an end on the ground.  Susie was out about town going to the local library to catch up on studying for her classes. When she realized the time which was almost 7pm she jumped out of her chair.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed “It’s 7pm already, its pitch dark outside and snowing. I’ll never be home on time now.” She stated.

As we walked out the door she wrapped her hand knitted scarf her mother gave her tight around her neck to attempt to stay warm. She started trudging through the small patches of snow that have accumulated on the ground and the ice piercing wind.

I need to hurry and get home before everyone starts to worry about me. This storm is going to get bad and if I can’t get home I don’t know what I will do. Susie thought.

The storms the past few years in January have been so bad most of the town was shut down for weeks because no one could get out.  The blizzards would also come out of nowhere so there would be no time to prepare. Just as this storm started to become worse.

Forget getting home I need to find somewhere to stay. This storm is getting worse by the minute. It has gone up at least two inches since I left the library. Susie thought.

Susie kept walking down the dirt road, by now she has realized she has been going the wrong way and is lost in the dark and snow. Just when she was about to give up hope she saw a dim light flickering in the distance.

If I could only make it there, they should be nice enough to let me in from the storm. She thought.

Susie started to run through the snow to make it to the house before it was too late.

“Hello is anyone there?” Susie shouted as she banged on the door. “Please let me!”

The door slowly creaked open as a man stood there in his pajamas and stated.

“What are you doing out here in this storm? Come on in and get warm and out of those damp clothes before you get sick.” Stated the man.

Susie walked into the house shivering once the warm air hit her and the vast room was lit by a flickering fireplace in the living room. The man sat Susie in front of the fireplace.

“I’ll got find something for you to change into until your clothes dry.” Stated the man as he walks up the stairs and disappears into the dark.

The room seemed large and open with couches and chairs circling the fireplace. This must be the formal sitting room but where it’s so dark I can’t make out the furniture or anything. Susie thought.

“This might be a little big on you, but it should due until your clothes get warm. Come this way to the bathroom and you can hang it on the shower rod to dry.” Stated the man.

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