Marve resolved not to enter any romantic relationships because of her priorities.
Sinisisi niya ang sarili sa isang pangyayari sa nakaraan niya na dahilan upang gawing responsibilidad ang unahin ang mga priorities niya at ihuli ang sariling kaligayahan. At first, everything seems fine, everything seems going her way. Everything's happening the way how she plans it until one fateful encounter with a drop dead gorgeous American exchanged Student Luther Hamilton. Luther and her shares lots of interests, especially books. She don't know why the 1 year younger foreigner always approaches her, talks to her like she's someone interesting - but quiet the contrary, she's boring and she never think she's fun to be with. Hinayaan lang ni Marve si Luther but one day Luther confesses to her that he likes her and as a spoiled brat who always gets what he wanted, Luther told her that he'll never stop pestering her until she'll be able to return his feelings and break even.


1. Chapter 1

Please wait until September 30 for the Volume 1. Thank you ^_^
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