Can Dreams Become A Reality?

"So you thought running away from me would help?"
"Yes! I don't want to get hurt Harry! I'm sick and tired of getting hurt and I don't want to get hurt by you."
"Why would you think you are going get hurt?"
"Because this is just how the cycle goes for Amber freaking Thompson."
"You don't know if you will get hurt if you don't try love."


8. Chapter 8

Amber's POV: 

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and confused to where I am. I rolled over in the bed and saw a note at the end table. 

    Take this to help with the headache :) - H

I shot up after reading the note. Shit! Did I sleep with Harry and not remember? I looked at the floor to make sure my clothes weren't on the floor. Once I saw that no clothes were on the floor I let a breath I didn't know I was holding. I quietly got out of the bed. I grabbed my clutch and shoes and started to tip toe my way to the door. Once I reached the door I looked around to see if Harry was around and I saw him asleep on the couch. I grabbed for the door knob when I realized I had a sweatshirt on. I set down my stuff and took off the sweatshirt. I set it on the nearest table then grabbed my stuff and left Harry's room. I quickly walked to the elevator I hit the button that read 3 and waited. Once the elevator doors opened I walked to my room once the door unlocked I walked in and plugged in my phone then flopped down on my bed. I lay down on my bed. I lay down for a while until I heard my phone going off. I climbed off the bed and walked over to my phone that was plugged in charging. In bold letters it read Amberlyn. I pick up the phone.


"Amber! You excited for today?"

"I would be if you hadn't suggested I go out last night."

"You a little hungover?"

"And confused."

"About what?"

"How I managed to be in Harry Styles bed."

"You had sex with Harry!"

"No he slept on the couch."


"You wanted me to say I had sex with Harry when I was trashed last night."

"Yeah! Because that is every girl's dream!"


"Okay sorry.... Do you even remember seeing him at the club."

"No not that I can remember."

"This could be bad."


"If he was with you at the club you could have been saying random shit that can be used against you today."

"Shit! I didn't think about that! Oh god and I'm going to be the only one back there with them."

"Just relax everything will be okay. If anything you have a lot on them too so say stuff back to them."


"What time is it there anyway?" Amberlyn questioned.

"Um... I don't know let me check." I said pulling my phone away from my ear to look at the time.

"Shit dude I need to go! It's almost noon and I need to be there at one!"

"Shit! Okay have fun go get ready call me after the concert to tell me how it was. Don't forget to give Niall my number too."

"Will do... Bye."

"Bye." We hung up the phone at the same time. 

Once I set my phone down I ran and took a quick shower. I step into the shower and quickly wash my hair. About ten minutes later I hop out of the shower and put my hair up in a towel so it can dry. I dried my body and changed into a blue flowy double layered top and black shorts. OUTFIT: . I looked myself over in the bathroom mirror before walking out to grab my makeup and curling iron. Before walking back to the bathroom I check the time. Only 12:10. I got back into the bathroom and took my hair out of the towel and grabbed the wall hair dryer and started to dry my hair. When my hair was almost dry I plugged in my curling iron so it would start heating up. I dried the rest of my hair. I brushed my hair and checked to see if the curling iron was warm yet. I parted my hair and started to curling my hair. After 25 minutes my hair was done and I was on to doing my makeup. I decided to keep my makeup simple so I did a neutral smokey eye with a sparkle lip gloss. I checked myself over in the mirror one last time before grabbing my ticket for the concert and my flip flops and last but not least my phone. I triple checked everything before I grabbed my wallet and hotel key and walked out. Since the stadium was right by the hotel I decided to walk there. Once the sun hit my skin I smiled and walked to the stadium. About 10 minutes later I am standing in front of the stadium. I walk over to the entrance and I saw the tour guide. 

"Are you here for Ultimate VIP?"

"Yes." I smiled at the tour guide.

"Right this way." The guide said walking through the empty stadium.

While walking through the stadium my heart started to speed up. Oh no. This is not the time for an anxiety attack. I took a couple deep breaths and let them out slowly.

"Here is your official backstage pass. Security will come get you when they are ready."

"Okay thank you." I said with a smile.

As I stood waiting to go into the VIP section. I couldn't help but think of D. He should be here with me. I imagine  what would happen if he was with me.


"D I can't believe I'm going to meet Harry Freaking Styles! You are the best!" 

D chuckles at me and how I'm acting.

"I'm slowly regretting taking you here. As long as you don't say something stupid I think it will go well."

I looked at D and shoved him.

"Stop being mean to me!" I smiled.

D chuckled again.

"Amber it's time."

*End of Vision*

"Miss One Direction is ready." 

Tears were about to fall from my eyes as I quickly wipe my eyes as the security escorts me to the lounge. I took a breath as the lounge door opened.

"So you are the only one in VIP today?"

"Um... Yeah my friend bought all the VIP tickets so they could get to know me."

"That was nice.... where is your friend?"

"Um... he passed away a month ago."

"I'm so sorry."

I smiled as a single tear falls from my eye. I wipe the tear away.

"The boys should be in soon make yourself comfortable."

"Thank you."

The security walked out of the lounge. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and sent a quick text to Amberlyn.

To Amberlyn:

I regret doing this by myself. Already broke down twice. I thought it would be smart to go by myself but it's harder being here alone.

From Amberlyn:

Stay Strong girl. Soon you will meet bae and everything will be good.

To Amberlyn:

I wouldn't be meeting bae if it weren't for D. God I miss him so much!

While in the middle of texting Amberlyn I heard the door open and right away I hear Niall's laugh.

To Amberlyn:

Shit! gtg they are here.

I shove my phone in my back pocket and wait for the boys to say hi.

"Harry! Look is that Amber?!"

"Say it a little louder why don't you Lou." I commented.

"I'm surprised you are even alive after last night."

"Oh god you all were there weren't you?"

"Yup." Louis said popping the 'p'

I groaned and covered my face in embarrassment.

"How bad was it?"

"Mate let's act this out!" Louis said excitedly.

"Please don't." I said.

"Oh it will be fun!"

I groaned as Louis and the boys got into character.

"Amber I'm going to be playing you." Louis says.

"And I guess I'm playing Harry." Liam said.

I sat on the couch as they started their little rerun of last night for me.

"You're really cute have we dated before?" Louis said leaning on Liam.

"I think Harry said something like no love we actually met today." Liam said.

I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. 

"Wow and you are trying to get in my pants cause I'm drunk? Sorry cutie but I'm not that easy." Louis says.

"Okay just stop I get it. I was trashed to holy hell and made a fool out of myself!" I finally said.

"We didn't get to the really good part though."

"I'd rather not know."

"Come on!" 

"Louis just stop..." Harry finally piped up.

"You guys are no fun." Louis huffed as he sat down on the couch across from me.

"One question for you." Niall said.

My stomach dropped and my heart stopped. I didn't think they would ask this soon.

"What is your question?"

"Why are you the only one here if we were told this show was sold out of VIP tickets within minutes?"

I took a deep breath hoping I can tell them without breaking down again.

"Um... About that...." I felt the tears burning my eyes. I grabbed at my neck to grab a hold of my necklace but when I touched my neck the necklace was gone.

I panicked a little bit and looked for the closest mirror. Once I found one I got up and to go look in the mirror. I looked at my reflection and my worst nightmare became a reality.

"Shit.... shit.... No it can't be gone. No.. no... no..." I said as tears streamed down my face.

"Is everything okay?" The boys asked.

"I shouldn't have come today." I said running out of the lounge in full tears.

Once a decent distance away from the lounge I fell to the floor and let the tears fall. That necklace was the only thing I have left of D. Before he moved he gave me that necklace and he then said "No matter how many miles away we are we will be apart of each others lives." This was the last thing I had of him. Now I don't know where it's at.

"Amber are you okay?"

I looked up and my hazel eyes locked on a bright green pair of eyes. I sniffled.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"What happened back there?"

I sighed as I wiped my eyes.

"My best friend bought all the VIP Tickets so I can meet you guys. But he didn't want you guys to be distracted by any of the other fans so he wanted to make sure of it by buying all the VIP passes."

"Where is your friend then?"

A single tear fell from my eye. I quickly caught the single tear.

"Exactly a month ago today he died. He got hit by a car and had severe damage. But six months prior to his death he gave me a necklace and I haven't taken the necklace off since he left. But now it's gone for good. That was the only thing I had left to remember him."

"Amber I'm so sorry... I had no idea."

"How were you supposed to know? We only met yesterday."

"I still feel bad that you lost your necklace. It is the only thing you had to remember your friend." 

I sighed as I ran my hands through my hair.

"Do you remember me wearing a necklace at all last night?" I asked looking at Harry.

Harry tried to remember and think if I had it on.

"Yeah I think I remember you taking it off in my room."

"Are you serious?" I asked a smile growing on my face.

"Do you want me to go check real quickly?"

"I feel like a bitch for asking if you could."

"Don't worry love. I'll be back soon. Go talk to the boys and if they ask where I'm at I left my phone in my hotel."

"Thank you so much Harry. This really means a lot. Oh I'm sorry about last night."

"Not a problem. I'll be back soon." Harry said walking to go to the hotel.

I walk back to the lounge and Louis and Liam are wrestling on the floor and Niall is eating a slice of pizza.

"Well I missed something."

"Amber are you okay?" Liam asked concerned.

"Yeah sorry it's just hard for me to talk about certain things because I haven't fully accepted it myself."

"I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to make you upset." Niall said hugging me.

"It's okay you didn't know." I said hugging Niall back.

"We need to cheer Amber up." Louis said.

"And what do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Follow Tommo and you shall see."

The boys and I followed Louis out of the lounge room and started walking around.

"Louis we weren't supposed to leave the lounge." Liam said.

"See we are already having fun aren't we Payno?"

I chuckled as Liam rolled his eyes.

"Wait!" I said.

The boys all stopped and looked at me.

"What's wrong?" Liam asked.

"Where's Sophia at? I want Sophia with us too. Is that okay?"

"Sure thing. I'll go get her." Liam said.

I shake my head.

"Can I surprise her?"

Liam smiled and we walked over to where Sophia was with Lou and Lottie. I quietly walk over to her and her back was towards me. I cover my hands over her eyes.

"Guess who." I say.

"Amber?! Oh my gosh what are you doing here?!" 

"Surprise! I had VIP tickets!" 

Sophia smiled and gave me a hug.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the VIP lounge with the other fans though?"

"I'm the only one." 

"But they have been sold out for months."

"Well... Yeah about that.... my friend moved about six months ago and he knew how much I wanted to meet them so he got me a ticket but he didn't want the boys to be distracted with other fans so he ended up buying all of them."

"That's nice of him. Why is he not here with you?"

I look up.

"He's here in spirit... He died last month."

"Oh my gosh Amber! I'm so sorry." Sophia said.

"Is that why you ran out earlier?"

"Yeah I lost my necklace that he gave me before he moved."

"Oh no! Do you have any idea where it might be at?"

"Where the hell is Harry?" Louis asked.

"He's at the hotel to see if it's in his room from last night."

Louis made a whipping noise as the boys burst out laughing.

"Tommo what happened to having fun? I'm quite bored."

Louis looked at me and smirked.

"Sophia get on Liam's back and Amber you get on mine."

Sophia and I looked at each other in confusion.

"Why?" I finally asked.

"You want fun I'll show you fun. Now hop on."

"Eh what the hell." I said and hopped on Louis's back.

Sophia got on Liam's back and Liam stood next to Louis.

"Race you!" Louis yelled as he started running with me on his back.

"LOUIS!!!!" I screamed wrapping my arms and legs tighter around him.

Louis just laughed as he continued to run. All of a sudden Louis trips and ends up falling on the floor and I land next to him. I groaned in pain as Louis laughed.

"Boys! Where are you?!?! You weren't supposed to leave!" Security called out.

"Quick hop on now before we get in trouble." Louis said.

I jump on his back and say "Don't drop me this time."

Louis chuckles as he starts running again. Louis was running around for a while when I spotted a golf cart.

"Louis golf cart!" I said pointing at it.

Louis lets me get off his back as the both of us  run for the golf cart. Once we were in the golf cart Louis started it up and drove around in it for a while. I couldn't help but laugh.

"This is so much fun!" I said.

Louis chuckled. I turned around to see if security was still following us.

"Louis they are really getting close to us."

"Don't worry they won't for long."

"How do you know that?"

"I do this a lot Amber just trust the Tommo for once."

I roll my eyes. 

"Hold on." Louis warned me.

I gripped onto the side of the cart as Louis made a sharp turn that's when I saw that we were outside. Fans spotted Louis and started screaming running towards us.

"God dammit Louis give me your phone I'm calling one of the boys to help us."

"We can beat them."

Louis starts driving around and then the golf cart stops. I hold my hand out waiting for Louis to give me his phone. Louis gave in and handed me his phone. I go to Louis's contacts and find Harry's number. I hit the call button and waited for Harry to pick up.

"Where are you Louis we have sound check in a couple minutes. Also where is Amber?"

"You're talking to Amber... But Louis is an idiot and drove outside and fans spotted us and can you help us." 

"Yeah I'll be out soon with security."

"Thank you."

"See you soon."

"Okay bye." I said biting my lip and hanging up the phone.

"Okay dip shit security is on there way and so is Harry." I walked over to Louis and mumbled to him so fans don't freak out about seeing Harry.

Louis smiled as he talked to fans and took pictures with them. I was standing on the outside to look out for Harry and security. About five minutes past and I spotted Harry. I looked at him and told him to stay there. I quietly walk over to him so no fans see him. Security walks over to the crowd and tries to get Louis.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah my side and knee hurts from Louis tripping and falling earlier."

"Fans didn't say anything to you?"

"Nope I stayed on the outside so I looked like a fan and didn't know him."

"Okay let's go sound check is about to start."

I nodded my head as we walked back to where Niall, Liam, Sophia, Lottie, Lou, and Lux were at. 

"Did you find my necklace in your room?" I piped up.

"Um... yeah I did." Harry said grabbing into his front pocket.

We stopped as Harry held his hand out to show me the necklace. In his hand was indeed my necklace D gave me before he left. I gasp and cover my hands over my mouth.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" I said wrapping my arms around Harry.

Harry smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist. Once Harry loosened his grip on my waist I let go of Harry and smiled. He held out his hand so I can take the necklace.

"Actually can you help me put it on?"

"Erm... Yeah sure.." 

I turned around so my back was towards his chest and lift my hair up so he can see. I felt Harry's hand graze my skin and I shivered a little bit as he put the necklace around my neck.

"Amber are you okay?" Sophia asked walking over to where Harry and I were standing.

"Um... Little sore from the fall but I'll be okay."

 "Your knee looks really swollen." Sophia said looking at my right knee.

I looked down at my knee and saw how swollen my knee actually was.

"Um... Yeah I should probably sit down and ice my knee." I piped up.

"Smart idea." Sophia said. "Harry I got her go do sound check."

Harry nodded as he ran towards the stage to do soundcheck. Sophia grabbed ahold of me and that's when I started to feel the pain in my knee. 

"Oh god! Yeah now I'm feeling the pain."

Sophia and I walked to the closest dressing room and I sat on the couch and put my right leg up.

"I'll be right back I'm going to go get ice." 

I nodded my head as I start to rub my knee. I checked to make sure I didn't re-injure my knee. Once I was done giving myself a knee evaluation I was grateful to know that I didn't re-injure my knee. 

"Here is some ice."

"Thank you." I said placing the ice on my knee.

"Is your knee okay?"

"Yeah probably just tweaked it." 

"That's good at least it wasn't anything serious."

"Same I do not want to deal with another knee surgery."

"What happened the first time?"

"My knee cap was tilted up and going to the side so it was pretty much dislocated for a long time."

"Oh no!" 

"It sucked close to a whole year of recovery."

"Wow.... Why is your scar not noticeable like Niall's?"

"He had a different kind of knee surgery than me."


Sophia and I sat in the boys dressing room and waited for sound check to end. I wish I could have been there but my knee hurt too much.

"Do you live around here then?" Sophia asked.

"No I'm actually from Wisconsin."

"Why didn't you get tickets to the concerts near there?"

"He knew I wanted to come to California so that's probably why he picked here."

"Ahh.... He seems like he really cared for you."

"He was like the big brother I always wanted."

"How so?"

"Let's just say he almost killed my ex boyfriend for the shit he did to me and if anyone would talk shit about me he would be right there telling them to knock it off."

"Wow! He really was like your brother."

"Yup... and when he moved I didn't know what to do with myself."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay... The real challenge will be my Senior year knowing he is fully gone and never coming back."

"Well you have me if you need to talk to anyone."

I smiled at Sophia.

"Amber did I hurt you really bad?!?!" Louis asked running into the dressing room.

"I'm fine. I'm icing it down now I should be fine for the concert."

"I'm so sorry for hurting your knee. I didn't mean too."

"Awe does the Tommo actually feel bad?"


"That's a first."

"HA! I like her Louis she doesn't hold back." Lottie said walking into the room.

"Is it attack Louis day?"

"Do you want it to be?"


"Should have thought about that before you dropped me." 

"I said I'm sorry! What do I need to get on my knees and ask for your forgiveness?"

"That sounds entertaining so yes."

"You're joking right?"

"Nope on your knees Tommo."

Louis groaned and was about to get on his knees but then looked at me.

"I'm not getting on my knees nope not happening!"

"Whatever." I said chuckling.

"Almost show time!" Liam said kissing Sophia on the cheek.

"EW! PDA! PDA!!!!" I said covering my eyes.

Everyone started laughing.

"I guess I should go find my spot."

"Where are you sitting?" Sophia asked.

"I think section A row 1 seats 20 and 21."

"Do you want company?"

"Yeah sure!" I said with a big smile.

Sophia and I got up to start heading to our seats.

"Good luck guys." I said smiling.

"Thanks Amber." The boys said.

Sophia kissed Liam and we walked to go find our seats. Security guided us to our seats just in time for Icona Pop to come on. Sophia and I started dancing along to the songs. When there set was done we were kind of upset. Sophia and  were talking about being on tour with the boys when a couple fans interrupted.

"Um... Sophia could we possibly get a picture with you?"

"Um... yeah sure." 

Sophia stood and posed for some pictures with fans.

"Could you take the picture for us?" They asked me.

"Yeah sure." I grabbed their phones and took a couple pictures then handed the phones back to them.

"Thank you."

Sophia and I smiled at the fans.

"Fans ask you for pictures too?"

"Yeah... Welcome to the life."

"I'm not dating any of them... and I highly doubt I will." 

"Nonsense! I have never seen Harry look at someone the way he looks at you."

"He knows nothing about me though."

"He's got to be interested in you."

Right after Sophia said that the light shut off and fans started screaming and the intro video started. After the intro video the beginning of Clouds started.

A couple songs later I heard the familiar beat of spaces. I gasped and my hand went to my mouth. Once Niall started singing I sat down as I felt tears burning my eyes.

"Amber are you okay?"

"Um... I don't really know."

"Let's go get some air."

"No... no I'm fine... It's just hard because of my friend."

Sophia hugged me. Once Sophia broke apart I looked at the stage and saw Harry's concerned face. He mouthed "Are you okay?" I shake my head and walk out of the arena to calm down. 

"Amber." Sophia said.

"Sorry... I just needed a minute."

"You okay?"

"That song hasn't been in the setlist... I just wasn't expecting it... That song reminds me of my friend."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay..."

"I think the song just ended do you want to go back in."

I nodded my head and got up. Sophia grabbed my hand as we walked back to our seats. Harry was the first one to see me and he looked at me and smiled. I bit my lip to hold back my smile. 

The concert went on and it was so much fun. Sophia and I danced to some songs and laughed at how the boys were acting. Time flew by so fast from having fun with Sophia. Next thing I know Best Song Ever is playing. Sophia and I danced to the last song of the night. Once the song was over the boys ran backstage the lights turned on and fans started leaving. I looked at Sophia with a pouty face.

"It was nice meeting you and hanging out with you. You definitely helped me out today."

"No problem! Please text me anytime."

"Oh I will. Matter of fact." I said grabbing my phone and sending her a quick text. "There I just texted you."

Seconds later Sophia's phone rang and Sophia looked at the text.

"Really... You look hot is what you text me." Sophia said laughing.

"What you do!" 

Sophia smiled and hugged me.

"Are you coming backstage? Liam is probably wondering where I am at."

"Nah... I'm going to walk to the hotel and probably go out clubbing again."

"Okay! Have fun! I'll tell the boys you left."

"Thank you! Oh if you ever stop off in Chicago call me up and we can hang out."

"Oh I will!" Sophia said with a smile.

Sophia and I hugged one last time as she went backstage with the boys and I left the arena and walked back to the hotel. Soon after leaving the venue I was back at my hotel. I walked in and went straight for the elevators. I waited for the elevator doors to open. I feel my phone vibrate. I check my phone to see Sophia texted me.

From Sophia: 

Meet us at the club we were at last night. I'm going to get the boys to go out.

To Sophia: Okay I was planning on going there anyway :)

I sent the text and the elevator doors opened. I hit my level number and waited. My phone vibrated again.

From Sophia: I won't tell the boys you are there ;)

I chuckled and the elevator doors opened again. I went to my hotel room and right when I walked in I was shocked.

"Oh my gosh! Amberlyn! What are you doing here?"

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