Can Dreams Become A Reality?

"So you thought running away from me would help?"
"Yes! I don't want to get hurt Harry! I'm sick and tired of getting hurt and I don't want to get hurt by you."
"Why would you think you are going get hurt?"
"Because this is just how the cycle goes for Amber freaking Thompson."
"You don't know if you will get hurt if you don't try love."


7. Chapter 7

Amber’s POV:

“Hey I’m Sophia.”

“I know who you are.” I said with a smile. “Is it like this all the time?”

“Yeah most of the time. But honestly you forget about the fans because all you really think about is how happy they make them.”

I smile at Sophia.

“How long have you and Harry known each other?” Sophia said.

“Oh we just met today actually I was in line to ride the demon and I had an anxiety attack and he helped me out.”

“Oh wow! You just seemed to get along with all the boys I thought you knew them.”

“Yeah no first time ever meeting them and talking to them.”

“Well I like you and I hate being the only girl with them. It’s nice to see other girls hanging out with them because then I have someone to talk to.”

“I totally understand.”

“You can only be around those boys for so long.”

“I don’t know how you do it honestly. How do you handle rumors and stuff like that because I know there will probably be a lot of pictures up about today so I might as well know what to do.”

“Just ignore it… You know the truth let them think what they want… You just need to stay true to who you are ad not fall for any of the traps.”

“Thanks for the tip Sophia.”

“No problem Amber… Here give me your phone real quickly.”

“Um… Okay…” I handed Sophia my pone and she started tapping away at it.

Once Sophia finished she handed me back my phone.

“If you ever need to talk about something call me or text me.”

“Okay sounds good.” I said with a smile.

“Um… Ladies you can get out.”

“Okay thank you…” Sophia said as she exited the car.

Once Sophia got out I got out too. We started to head to the door when we realized we needed a special key to get in.

“Crap! What are we supposed to do now?” I said.

Sophia got her phone out typed on her phone then pressed the phone to her ear.

“Liam we are locked out… We need a special key to get in back here… can you come let us in?”

I looked at Sophia and she smiled at me.

“Thanks. Love you too… See you soon.” Sophia said then hung up her phone.

“Liam is on his way.”

“Okay sounds-“


Sophia and I looked at each other and at the same time yelled “Run.” We started to run away from the fans. While in the middle of running I felt someone pull me into a dark area.



We stood in silence until we saw the fans run past us. Once there was no more screaming girls Sophia and I sighed in relief and came out from where we were hiding. Sophia burst out laughing and so did I.

“Well welcome to that life.”

“Do you usually meet them?”

“Sometimes. They usually want to know where Liam is.”

“Ahh..” I said while we walked back to the door Liam was supposed to be meeting us at.

“Sophia where are you?” Liam called from the door.

“We’re coming we had to run away from fans.” Sophia said as we walked over towards the door and finally get in the hotel.

“I didn’t think they would follow you guys. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s cool… I’m going to go. Have a good night.” I said to Liam and Sophia.

“You too Amber. And seriously just text me Amber.” Sophia said giving me a hug.

I nodded my head and looked at Liam and smiled then waved as I walked up to my hotel room. Once I was in my hotel room I got my phone out and called Amberlyn. After a couple rings she picked up.

“Hey girl did you get lucky?”

“I don’t know why I came here.”

“What are you talking about? Did something happen?”

“No it’s just tomorrow will be a full month since D’s passing and I shouldn’t be here going to a concert that he should be with me at.”

“Amber I know it’s hard but even though he isn’t there physically he is in your heart all the time. Do you have the necklace he gave you still?”

“Of course that never leaves my neck.”

“See… D is always with you… You know what you need to go out for the night. Go get your mind off everything and just have some fun.”

“Okay I will go out.”

“Good you deserve it.”

“Okay. Thank you for helping me out it means a lot to me.”

“No problem. Now go get ready so you can go have some fun.”

I chuckled and said a quick “goodbye” before I hung up and looked at my clothes and decided what to wear. While thinking about what to wear I decided to order room service so I didn’t go to the club on an empty stomach.

About 45 minutes later room service delivered me my Chicken Caesar Salad. I started to eat my salad while trying to curl my hair. Once I finished curling my hair I finished my salad and checked the time. It was close to 9:00 so I decided to get into my black cutout mesh yorke Club dress.Dress: the dress was on I grabbed my makeup bag and started doing my makeup. Thirty minutes later I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I grabbed my phone and took a picture and sent it to Amberlyn. I grabbed my clutch and checked to make sure my fake ID was in there. Once I made sure I had everything I needed I put on my heels and walked out of my hotel room. I got on the elevator and made my way to the firs floor. Once down at the first floor I felt my phone vibrate and saw a text message from Amberlyn.

From Amberlyn:

Looking hot! Better get some…. Possibly Harry Styles ;)

I chuckled at the text and walked out of the hotel. I ignored the fans and walked to the nearest club. Once I heard loud music blaring from outside and a line I knew I found one. I went to the back of the line and waited to get in. After waiting for almost an hour I was at the front and the guard asked for an ID. I handed over my ID. He checked it and let me in.

Once I got into the club I sighed in relief. I quickly walked over to the bar to order a drink.

“What can I get you pretty lady?”

“Could I have a Sex on the beach?”

“Sure thing.”

I was shocked when he didn’t ask to see my ID. I played along with it so I don’t get questioned. Once he handed me my drink I smiled at the bartender and gave him money for my drink and walked away from the bar and headed to the dance floor. I started to move to the beat of the music.

About five shots of tequila later I knew I was going to regret this but I didn’t care. I was finally enjoying myself for the first time in a long time. I stumbled to the dance floor with a mojito in one hand and a mai tai in the other. I started dancing with the rest of the sweaty drunk people and didn’t care. While finishing up my mai tai I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist I started to move my body with his. After a couple more songs and some random shots I didn’t pay for I turned around to see who I was dancing with.

“Amber! What are you doing here?” A familiar voice said.

“I’m having fun! Can’t you see?”

“But Amber you are underage though… How did you even get in?”

“Doesn’t not mattterrrr.” I said slurring my words.

“That’s it I’m taking you back to the hotel.” He said grabbing my waist and walking me to random places.

“I’m leaving Amber is hammered and is underage so I’m going to make sure she is okay.”

“Okay mate make sure you have extra security so she doesn’t get hurt.”

“You’re really cute. Have we dated before?”

“No love we haven’t we met earlier today actually.”

“Wow and you are trying to get in my pants cause I’m drunk? Sorry cutie but I’m not that easy.”

“Okay we are going to go…. She needs to sleep this off.”

“I’m fine!”

“Walk in a straight line then.”


The guy let go of me and I tried to walk in a straight line. Within seconds my vision went black.

Harry’s POV:

I let go of Amber’s waist and she attempted to walk but instead fell over. Luckily I caught her in time before she hit her head.

“Okay I’m leaving now. See you guys later.”

“Have fun.”

I grabbed Amber’s waist and tried to help her walk out my security and a couple extra were at the front waiting. The security formed a circle around Amber and I so no one can see us. Once in the car Amber laid her head on the window. Once I was in the car fully with the door shut the driver started to head to the hotel. We took a sharp turn and Amber ended up shifting onto my lap. I chuckled a little bit. Finally we made it back to the hotel. I got out of the car and then helped Amber out of the car. Once we got into the hotel I decided to pick Amber up so we can get to my hotel room faster. I hit the elevator to go up. Once the elevator doors open I walked out and walked to the room.

“Amber I need you to stand for me so I can get my room key love.”

Amber groaned. I set her on her feet and quickly grabbed the key to my room. I opened my door and carried Amber into the room. I set Amber on the bed.

“Hey Amber how are you doing?”

Amber groaned again. I smiled at her. I walked over to my suitcase to find something for her to wear/ I found one of my sweatshirts. I walked back over to Amber who was taking off her necklace.

“Here put this on.” I said handing her my sweatshirt.

Amber looked at the sweatshirt but didn’t take it. I groaned and walked over to her and put it over her dress. I helped Amber get comfortable before I left her in the room to sleep. I walked into the kitchen area and grabbed a glass and filled it with water then walked back to the room and set in on the side table then grabbed some Advil for her headache. After that I walked over to the couch that was in my room and laid down.  I turned on the TV and watched whatever was on. Soon I ended up drifting off and fell asleep. 

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