Can Dreams Become A Reality?

"So you thought running away from me would help?"
"Yes! I don't want to get hurt Harry! I'm sick and tired of getting hurt and I don't want to get hurt by you."
"Why would you think you are going get hurt?"
"Because this is just how the cycle goes for Amber freaking Thompson."
"You don't know if you will get hurt if you don't try love."


3. Chapter 3

The next day Amberlyn came and picked me up at my house and I was excited. I really needed to get out of the house and have a girl's day. I heard a car horn and I quickly ran out of the door. I walked over to Amberlyn's car and opened the passenger door.

"What's up?"

"Not much you ready to go shopping?"

"Yeah! I totally need this."

"Good so what do you need?"

"Well since I have a fake ID I plan on going to a couple clubs. So I need a couple good dresses and an outfit for the concert."

"Okay sounds good! Do you know what stores you want to go to?"

"Not really."

"So we are going to spend all day at the mall I guess."

"Probably." I said with a smile.

Amberlyn rolled her eyes and drove off to the mall. About 30 minutes later we find a parking spot in the mall parking lot.

"You ready to go shopping?" I ask with a smile.

"Not one bit."

I laid my head on her shoulder and smiled.

"You love me."


I laughed as we walked into the mall ready to shop. The first store we looked into we didn't find anything that wowed me. The next couple stores we looked in had stuff but not much. When we finally walked into Windsor I found a bunch of good clubbing dresses.

"Amberlyn check out these dresses."

I held up a black sleeveless round neck dress with a hint of gold at the bust.

"This is so you Amber you got to try this on!"

"Oh I plan on it! But I want to look at more."

Amberlyn and I walked around the store when I spotted another dress. It was a black cutout Mesh Yoke dress.

"I think I just fell in love with this dress."

"Go try on both of the dresses on."

I smiled and grabbed a large and ran to the dressing room. I quickly undressed and tried on the first dress. Once it was on I looked in the mirror and smirked.

"Oh I'm so buying this."

"Amber will you come out so I can see it?"

I walk out of the dressing room and look at Amberlyn's reaction. Right when I exited the dressing room Amberlyn gasped then grinned at me.

"You so need to get this! Guys won't even know what to do with themselves."

I smiled and looked in the mirror again.

"You think so?"

"Oh honey I know so."

"Okay I will get it."

"Good now go try on the other one."

I smiled and walked back into the dressing room. I took off the first dress and tried on the second one. This dress sure made a statement. I walked out and showed Amberlyn the dress.

"Well I would like to take a bet on how long it will take for all the guys to ask if you want a drink.

I burst out laughing.

"You don't think it's too revealing?"

"Hell no!"

I smiled at Amberlyn.

"So you are buying both?"

"Yeah I guess so."

"Perfect if Harry saw you in this he would totally want to date you hands down."

I smiled and walked back to the dressing room to change into my regular clothes. Once I put both of the dresses back on the hanger I got changed. Once I was changed into my normal clothes I walked out of the dressing room with the two dresses I was going to buy in hand.

"You ready to check out?"


We went to the register and checked out.

"Just these two items?"

"Yup." I said with a smile.

"These are cute dresses you got a boyfriend you are trying to impress?"

"No... I'm going out to California next week and I needed to find some new things."

"That's exciting."


"Okay your total today is $50.76."

I handed the cashier the money and waited for my change.

"Thank you have a nice day."

"You too." I smiled and grabbed my back.

"What other stores do you want to look at?"

"Could we look at Forever 21."


Amberlyn and I walk over towards Forever 21 and walk in.

"And here is where I will spend hours looking at every single little thing."

Amberlyn chucked and we started looking around Forever 21.

"Amber what about this?" Amberlyn said holding up a pink top.


Amberlyn went back to looking for something that screamed Amber.

"Amber I think I found it."

"What are you talking about? Oh my gosh! That is so cute!"

Amberlyn was holding onto a blue flowy double layered spaghetti strap shirt.

"I have the perfect shorts to go with it at home!"

"Which ones?"

"My black shorts with the rips in them."

"That would look amazing you have to get this shirt."

"Okay I will."

I grabbed my shirt size and quickly went to stand in line for check out.

"What else do you need to get?"

"I don't think I need anything else... I have a couple clutched at home and high heels I can wear. I think we are done after this."

"Sweet and it's only 1:30."

"New Record!"

Amberlyn and I walked to the register.

"Is this all?"

"Yes just the shirt."

"Okay and your total is going to be $20.55."

I handed the cashier the exact amount and smiled at her.

"Have a nice day."

"You too."

I grabbed the bag that had my top and walked out of the store with Amberlyn.

"Do you want to get something to eat?" I asked.


We head to the food court and look to see what sounds good.

"Anything pleasing you?" I asked.

"Do you want to get subway?"


We walked over to the subway line and waited for our turn to order.

"So Amber what if Harry falls for you?"

"Don't get my hopes up like that."

Amberlyn started laughing at my comment.

"I'm just saying... You are going to be the only fan backstage so they will probably want to know why and will probably ask personal questions."

"I'm just another fan to them."


"No please don't get my hopes up... I rather go in not expecting one of them to fall for me."


About five minutes later we finally ordered our food.

"What would you like?"

"I would like a Spicy Italian on white please."

"Foot long?"



Once she finished making my sandwich I paid for it and got a large drink and a bag of chips.

"Amberlyn I'm going to go find a place to sit."


I walked over to fill up my cup with a Diet Coke and went to find a spot to sit. After searching for a few minutes I found a spot for Amberlyn and I to sit. I waited for Amberlyn to join me so we can eat together. After a few minutes Amberlyn sat down at the table.

"Took long enough." I said with a smile.

"Oh shut up."

I started to chuckle while grabbing my sandwich and taking a bite.

"Amber how are you doing?"

"I'm fine."

"No... I mean about the whole D situation."

"It's hard I'm not going to deny it but I need to move on."

"Yeah that's the best thing to do. Do you think you will be able to stay strong at the concert?"

"Honestly I have no clue. I hope so but I don't know."

Amberlyn nodded her head and started eating her sandwich. Once I finished my foot long and chips I looked at Amberlyn and burped.

"Dear god! How can you eat all that and be that skinny?"

"I'm just lucky."

"Let's get out of here.

We walked out to the car and headed home. Once I was home everyone was yelling and I regret wanting to come home. I go to my room and zone out and soon fall asleep.

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