Can Dreams Become A Reality?

"So you thought running away from me would help?"
"Yes! I don't want to get hurt Harry! I'm sick and tired of getting hurt and I don't want to get hurt by you."
"Why would you think you are going get hurt?"
"Because this is just how the cycle goes for Amber freaking Thompson."
"You don't know if you will get hurt if you don't try love."


10. Chapter 10

The next morning I get woken up with a loud pounding on the door. I pop up in fright and I look around my room. I get up and open the door to see Amberlyn standing there.

"What..." I groaned rubbing my eyes.

"I didn't have a key." 

"What time is it?" 

"Almost noon."

"How can you be alive?" I asked dumbfounded that she was up.

"Louis ran in the room screaming." 

"Sounds like him." I said moving out of the way so Amberlyn can come into the room.

"When did you get that sweatshirt?"

"Um... Last night." I said looking down at the floor.

"What do you mean last night? Did you have sex?!"

"No god no. I left because I didn't want to get hurt because I was dancing with Harry and I turned around and we were so close to kissing. Then I left and came to the hotel and yeah Harry and I had a night in and just hung out."

"And you still didn't have sex with him?"

"Amberlyn! No the world does not revolve around sex. Did you have sex with Niall?"

"I don't think so... I was too drunk to remember!"

"Amberlyn seriously! God!" I said running over to my phone and calling Sophia.

After a couple rings Sophia answered.


"Are you by Niall by any chance?"

"Um... Yeah do you need to talk to him?"

"If you don't mind."

"No problem." I heard Sophia talking to Niall then she passed the phone over.


"Did you have sex with Amberlyn...." 

"No... I did as you told me too why?"

"She keeps asking me if I had sex with Harry so I asked her the same question and she said she couldn't remember so I wanted to make sure."

"Ah... yeah no nothing happened I promise."

"Okay  thank you."

"No problem."

"I'll let you go. Bye." I said hanging up the phone.

"So did anything happen?" Amberlyn asked in amusement.



"You can be such a slut sometimes."

"At least I'm fun to be around."

I rolled my eyes as I walked to the bathroom and looked at how bad I looked. I'm surprised I didn't look too bad.

"So Amber what did you and Harry do?"

"We talked for a while, watched a movie then had a small photo shoot."

"Why a photo shoot?"

"Because he was wearing your slippers so we just had some fun."

"Can I see the pictures?"

"Sure." I said walking out of the bathroom and grabbing my phone.

I went to my photo gallery and went to the first picture I took last night. I handed Amberlyn my phone as she looked at the pictures.

"You guys are so cute! Please date now!"

I chuckled at Amberlyn.

"I'm just a fan.... He would never want to be seen in public with me."

"You have a sweatshirt..."

"Because I told him I wouldn't let him back in unless he had it."

"Doesn't mean he had to bring it or come back."

"You obviously interest him."

"Nothing will ever happen... He has so many beautiful people he can have..."

"Will you stop Amber. You are beautiful."

Harry's POV:

"So do you fancy her mate?" Louis asked for the fourth time this morning.

"I don't know... I really enjoy being around her and getting to know her."

"Awe!! Our boy fancy's a fan!" Louis said in a sing songy way.

"I didn't say that Lou.. I have only known her for two days."

"Do you have her number?"


"Bloody hell mate come on! Why not?"

"I didn't want to seem desperate." 

I rub my hands over my face in frustration.

"Sophia!" Louis yelled.

I snapped my head when Louis called for Sophia.

"What Louis?" Sophia called from where she was sitting.

"Come here."

Sophia walked over to us.

"Yes? What did you need?"

"You have Amber's number right?"

"Yes.... Why do you want to know?" 

"Harry fancies Amber and needs her number so he can talk to her."

"Louis! Seriously... I put my number in her phone so I'll wait for her to notice."

"Ah... so you do want to see her again."


"Good! She fits in well with us and doesn't freak out when she sees us."

I smiled thinking about Amber and everything we did last night. From dancing at the club to me running after her, even the little photo shoot we had. But the best thing was Amber falling asleep peacefully next to me.


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