Slave Of The Bad Boy.

Just whatever you do, don't fall for the bad boy. I didn't, but I became his slave.


2. 2.

I yawned, thinking about what happened earlier today. I'm laying in bed, in my pajamas, just staring up at the ceiling. Maybe I shouldn't have punched him. Maybe that was a little too extreme. I roll onto my side, prop myself up on my elbow, and look over at the boxes in the corner over my room. I haven't unpacked everything yet, but I'm too lazy to do it tonight. No, he deserved it. It's obvious he's been bothering these kids for a long time. What I did was right. I think.


My brother, Marti, came in at that moment. He has black hair, green eye's and olive skin. My dad bought him from Black Arrow, a fellow gangster from Alaska. " Hey, bro." I say. He nods his head. " Can I borrow your iPod?" I nod and throw it to him, and he leaves the room. I hope my dad doesn't sell me, like Marti's dad sold him. . .


[ The next morning, at school. ]


I walked into the classroom, groaned, and immediately turned around. Harry was in the seat next to mine. So he's Styles. Great. I was about to walk out when the teacher called out, " Miss? Are you going somewhere?" I groaned again and spun around and pointed a finger at Harry. " The second he freakin talks to me I'm outa here." I said, then I went over and sat down. Of course, Harry pretended to be offended. " Me?" He said, putting his hands on his chest and tilting his head down, giving me puppy dog eye's.


I roll my eyes. " Yep. You and your ugly face better shut up before I make you shut up." I leaned back in my chair and clasped my hands behind my head. Everyone was staring at me. I rolled my eyes again. The teacher cleared his throat and took roll call. Then the speaker came on and the principles voice sounded, " Good morning students, may I have your attention please? As you all know, we are giving out permission slips to go to New York for one week. Six students, all from eighth grade, will be allowed to go. The drawing will take place at eighth grade lunch, and the rules will be announced then. Thank you and enjoy your day." 


A buzz of chatter ignited throughout the classroom, and I noticed Harry was staring into to space. Then he pulled out his phone and started typing seriously. I didn't pay him any mind- I only had one thought: I hope I get picked.


[ At lunch ]


I walk into the lunch room with Ann and  follow her to the table we sat at yesterday. Putting down my plate, I greet the other two girls at the table, Sarah and Marsha, who I met yesterday. They nodded their heads, then looked behind me and gasped. I felt hands on my thighs and I was pulled back against someone. I turned my head and was greeted by Harry. " What the fuck?" Harry shook his head. " No swearing babe." I growled. " I'll do what I want, now let me go." And to my surprise he did, then he sat down on my chair.


I clenched my fists as Sarah and Marsha glance around nervously, obviously scared. " Get off my chair you asshole! Why cant you fucking leave me alone?!" He stood up, his eyes hard. I looked down and backed up, afraid he might do something to me. Maybe I shouldn't have challenged him. He's twice as big and three times stronger. I cant exactly go back now, can I? Shit. The entire cafeteria was silent, watching us, waiting to see what would happen. He used his middle finger to lift up my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes. " Because your mine." Anger shot through me like a pistol. I raised my hand to slap his face, but he caught it mid air. 


" I wouldn't do that if I were you." He let go of my arm and I jerked my hand away. " Humph. Annoying bitch." I sat down and ignored his stare on my back. Then I felt tugs in my hair. I jerked my head and smacked Harry's hand away. He chuckled, but I didn't hear what he said after because the speaker came on. Everyone's attention turned to the stage where the principle was starting to talk. " Alright, lets get started. In these box'es" He pointed to a blue, then a green box on a table next to him, " is the names of all the eighth grade students."


" On this trip, you will be pared with a partner. A boy and a girl will be pared together. You must go everywhere together, and look after each other. You will share a hotel room, everything. All I can say is, be appropriate, and stay safe."


He reached into the box and pulled out a slip of paper, " Donna Candalas." I heard a squeal and turned my head to see a bunch of girls jumping around and celebrating. I turn my attention back to the stage. He reaches into the box again, and I feel a hand on my thigh. I growl, and it disappears. " Donna, your partner will be Zack Dosh." I hear a groan from the back of the room. Two more name are called, not mine. Then, " Roxane Farai." I nearly choke on my milk. " Yes!" I jump into the air and do a fist pump. Then he said those dreadful words.


" Your partner will be. . . Harry Styles."


I just sat there staring at him in disbelief. Of all the people in eighth grade, I just had to get stuck with him!  Seriously, what were the odds of that!? Harry smiled and moved closer to me, sitting down in the chair next to mine. " I may have arranged it so i'd go with you."  I turned to him. " Are you for real?" He smiled. " Yep!" He said, popping the 'p'. I shook my head. " Your unbelievable." I threw away my trey and went to my next class.


I cannot go on that trip.





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