Slave Of The Bad Boy.

Just whatever you do, don't fall for the bad boy. I didn't, but I became his slave.


1. 1.

" So, all you have to do is watch your back, don't get humiliated, and. . . Well, just stick by my side." Ann ended, seeming out of breath after explaining the rules of the school to me. I'm new here. I moved here from Alaska, which is actually not that cold. Now I'm here in London, thanks to my dad's job. I sigh.  " Thanks Ann." I met Ann on the first day I came here a week ago. School here started three weeks ago, and today is my first day. I'm sooo happy about it. Not!


As we walk up the school, I see a gang of five boys leaning against a wall, smoking. Ann and I ignore them until we're walking past, and one of them speaks up. " Now what do we have here? A new student boys?" Me and Ann stop. " Don't bother her Harry. Leave her alone." Ann gulps after she says the words, as if she's scared of something. Harry smirks and tosses his head to the side so his dark colored hair falls into his blueish- grey eyes. " Now, isn't that sweet. The little lady is sticking up for her new friend. " He throws his cigarette butt to the ground near our feet and I step away from it in disgust. Ann ignores it.


Ann is clearly upset when she says, " Please, stop." Harry leans forward with his hands in his pocket. " What if I don't want to? What are you gonna do about it?" Ann gulps and backs up, then turns around and runs into the school. What was that all about? Clearly, something needs to be done. " Alright mister, I don't appreciate you bothering me and my friend like that. So. Fucking. Leave. Us. Alone. This is my first day here, and I am not in a good mood."


Harry takes a step forward. I stay where I am. " Feisty. I like it. You know what lads? I think I've finally found my girl." He reaches out and snakes his arm around my waist, and I slap his hand away. " I'm not your damn anything, so I'll thank not to touch me and get on with your pathetic little life." He shakes his head. "I'll touch you if I want sweet cheeks."  he reaches up and carcasses my cheek with his thumb. I pull my head away punch his face. He staggers back, clearly not expecting that. I walk up to him and grab the front of his color.


" Listen here you perverted soul. I'm a bit like a rose; beautiful and innocent, but try to touch one and the thorns with make you fingers bleed. Got it?" I drop the front of his shirt and walk away, stopping just before going in the school. " Oh, and by the way. Never. Call. Me. That. Again." I cut my words carefully. Then I turn around, walk in, and I let the door slam behind me.


I breathe a sigh of relief  and lean my back against the wall as soon as I'm in the building. Then I notice everyone staring at me. I push myself off the wall and go to find the front office, but one girl stops me. " Did you just stand up to Harry and his gang?" I nod, " Yeah. I did. Why?" She draws in a breath. " Wow. Your brave." Then Ann walked up. " No! That was stupid! Do you realize what he could have done to you? And seriously? A rose?" I shrug and she sighs and drags me off. " Com'n. Lets just go get your schedule."


We walk down the hall to the front office. " Whats so important about Harry and his group?" I open the door and step in. Ann draws in a breath. She seems to do that a lot. " They are only one of the toughest middle school gangs there is." I roll my eyes. I know all about gangs. I get my schedule and head to my first period class. Heads turn my way as I walk into the classroom, alone. There are two seats open, and the teacher points to the one on the right. I sit down and he starts roll call


" . . . Roxane Farai." That's me. " I go by Roxy." The teacher nods. " Your new, right?" I nod. " Welcome to Ratchway Middle School. I'm Mr. Brondi." I smile and nod my head and he continues roll. " Looks like Mr. Styles decided to skip class today." A few chuckles throughout the room tells me this happens on a regular bases. Whoever this Styles is, he was apparently the bad boy.




[ After school ]


O.K. I'll tell the truth. My dad is a gangster. He steals, smokes, one time he made a deal with another gangster guy and paid money for a kid. The boy died after a month of living at our house because of a liver problem that wasn't taken care of fast enough. I think he was about 7 or 8 years old, and my dad said he could have been handy with a gun. I asked my dad if he would ever sell me for money to another gangster, and he promised he wouldn't. But I'm not so sure.









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