Fallen Angels

The first book in the "Little Lights" series. London, 1912. After the sinking of the Titanic, Jessica is moved from New York to London, where she encounters warlocks, faeries, werewolves, vampires and the world of Shadowhunters and demons.


1. Chapter 1

As Jessica stepped onto land she felt safe again. The red cloak like thing that her mother had given her when she was 12 swung at her sides. Not long ago her brother Charles had gone with her mother to England, to visit her sister Elizabeth. They came back on the Titanic, and died when it sank. Now Jessica was going to live with Elizabeth in London, where her sister had lived for a long time.

Instead of her sister, the people waiting for her were two men and a woman. The little things that she owned were put into the trunk of a car and Jessica never saw them again. The people were called Mr Gray, Mr Black and Miss White. And, strangely, their names described them perfectly. They announced proudly that they were the "Shade Siblings". Mr Gray scared her a lot, the intimidating look that was plastered on his face the entire way to the big, black-bricked house that Jessica was kept in for the next four weeks. 

Each day, a servant came and told her that they were ready for her. In a large, bare room the "Shade Siblings" told her to draw. They sat Jessica at a small mahogany desk with a sheet of paper and a pen in front of her. Nothing happened the first ten times, and every time she did nothing, they would cut off three centimetres of Jessica's long black hair. It didn't really seem like a punishment, but it reminded her of something her mother used to say, "Every part of you is special, don't ever let anybody change that, Jessie." Jessie. No one had ever called her that except mother.

Jessica cried herself to sleep at night, wrote letters for Elizabeth and asked if they could be delivered but she never expected them to get there. Each morning a dress was laid out on the black seat for her. She wasn't really surprised that they smelled like death, at this point nothing surprised her anymore. Behind a peel of wallpaper was a tally, showing that someone had been here before herself. Jessica had also started making a tally of the days but after the twelfth day stopped, as counting seemed useless now. 

And on the fourteenth day, something happened...



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