Mr. Bieber

"Some people come into your life and you just know you will never be able to replace them if they left"- Anonymous


5. Waking Up

    "Winter get up sweetie." My mom yelled from my door.

    "Ughhh, five more minutes" I mumbled rolling over.

   "Do I need to go get the bucket" My mom responded.

   "I'm up!!!" I yelled as I quickly got out of bed. When my mother says she's going to get the bucket she's not playing. I honestly don't need to be drenched in cold water before I go to school. 

  I walked to my closet and grabbed my outfit for school (🔝). I then traveled into my bathroom and started on my makeup, just as I sat down my phone ringed. 

  " Hello your majesty" I answered

  "Hey snow, were outside" London responded. 

  "Ok I'll be down in a sec bitches, love you" I hollered to her through the phone.

 "Lol ok Snow White bye" London laughed. I hurried up and finished my routine and grabbed everything I needed, before running down the stairs.   

"Goodbye mom, love ya" I said.

 "Love you to see you when I get home from work" My mother said as I walked out the door. Soon as I reached my best friends in the car I was attacked with hugs and "I missed you so much's", even though we saw each other 24 hours ago. We arrived at school parking lot within 10 minutes later, ready to start this ohhh so dreaded FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL


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