Mr. Bieber

"Some people come into your life and you just know you will never be able to replace them if they left"- Anonymous


11. Confession


               Winter's POV

 After the bell rung I bolted for Justin's class to tell him. I'm a little nervous but it's worth it. I got to his class quick and took my seat. Justin was writing something on the board. He turn around after the whole class came in the class room. We made eye contact and I immediately got butterflies.

 Justin was talking but I couldn't concentrate. I was planning on how I would tell Justin. "Winter?" Justin said. "Yes."" May I please speak to you in the hallway?" He said looking at me. Everyone was like "OOHHH" and saying that I was in trouble. I went outside and Justin followed.

 "Why aren't you paying attention in class?" he asked so calmingly. "Because.....I ah......" I said not knowing how to tell him. He licked his cute pink lips waiting for me to reply. "Because I can't focus when Im around you." I said feeling like this big weight was lifted off my shoulders but at the same time embarrassed.

 "What do you mean love." He said raising his eyebrows. " I like you Justin, and I know it's wrong but I can't help it I.........". I was cut off by the rush of Justin's lips on mine. His lips were soft and they felt like silk. Justin pulled back but honestly I wanted more.  

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