Heaven Forbid

When hansom angle Aneal breaks all the rules and gets thrown out of heaven, he has a chance to get back in. All he has to do is follow all the rules in heaven while on Earth. Easy right , or is it . when he meets a young beautiful human girl he begins to fall for her. Will he be able to follow the rules and keep from confronting this beautiful woman who goes by Lissy, or will he risk every thing for love?


2. Chapter 1


 " Damn it. Earth, of all the places they could send me they sent me to Earth! Really had faith in me didn't you? What a dick! Its all a game to him, a good bit of bloody comedy. Well enjoy this while you can because I'll be back up there real soon, real soon you hear!"

My mind was crowded with negative thoughts as I was hurtling towards Earth.

" Can't start this on a bad note might as well get over it before I get there."


I smashed in to the ground a little ruffer than I'd preffer. "Damn that hurt." I look up to see a tree, and then I look at the ground only to see a shadow of a small human. Had to be female I recognized the shape of the shadow as female from working side by side with the creators. this particular shadow was popularly paired with the female bodies.

"Are you hurt?" a small shaky voice asked, interrupting my thoughts.

I look up to se her wide green eyes and red trembling lips. "I have to play this off as if I'm human", I thought , "they can't know I'm from above its too risky."

"Yea I just fell out of that" I pointed to a tree and rubbed the back of my head, pretending to be hurt a little, "I'm fine though." I smiled my most hansom smile, she was cut there was denying it, why not have a little fun while I'm here. The rule only not to fall in love with a human, doesn't mean I can screw her a few times, so long as I don't get attached.

"Oh, ok then. Do you need any help?" she began to blush, it was kind of cute.

"Nah, I'm fine. I probly just got a few scrapes and bruises." ,I started to get up," ahhhhhh" I screamed in agony. I had a huge cut in my leg from hitting a branch, I was becoming human, human enough to have a cut in my leg and feel it.

"Oh, you have a gash in your leg. Here come with me I'll help you get patched up, I've got a first aid kit in the house, you can stay there tonight."

"Thanks, but you don't have to keep me over night I'll just get bandaged up and be on my way if its all the same to you."

"Ok if its what you want, but at least allow me to treat you to dinner."

" Alright." how could I refuse she was offering me free food and I had no money to get my own, it was an offer I couldn't resist." So what's your name?" I asked

"Lissy, its Lissy"

"Ok Lissy its nice to meet you the name's.........", I couldn't tell her my real name, could I?" .............the name's.." oh well what could happen" the names Anael."



hey guys first slash second chapter out I did this in a hurry so there will more than likely be things that I need to fix, but any ways hope yall enjoy. Bye my angels.


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