Heaven Forbid

When hansom angle Aneal breaks all the rules and gets thrown out of heaven, he has a chance to get back in. All he has to do is follow all the rules in heaven while on Earth. Easy right , or is it . when he meets a young beautiful human girl he begins to fall for her. Will he be able to follow the rules and keep from confronting this beautiful woman who goes by Lissy, or will he risk every thing for love?


1. Banishment ( prologue )

"Anael, due to your rule breaking behavior you have been exiled to Earth where you will serve out your sentence. You honorary wings will be torn from you and your halo retired. You may return if you can show that you are worthy, if you can not prove this you will become human and forever live on Earth where your immortal time will become mortal. Now be gone."


Sorry the first chapter was so short. I hope you guys are enjoying this so far. XD


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