Down the Rabbit Hole

A collection of fables and fairy tales with a dark twist.


3. The Perfect Princess

Once upon a time...

In a castle far far away there lived a King and Queen. They had a son who was ready to be married but couldn't find the right bride. The Queen wanted to help him, so she invited all the princesses in the land to stay at the castle to see who should marry her son, the Prince. But, some of the princesses lied about who they were and weren't really princesses at all. So, the Queen came up with a test to see who was a real princess and who was not. The Queen decided to hide a pea under the mattress where each girl was sleeping. If the girl was a real princess, she would be able to feel the pea through the mattress. The next morning, the Queen asked all the girls how they slept. 

"I slept very well," said one.

"I tossed and turned all night," said another.

"I did not sleep one wink," said the last girl. "There was something digging in all night and now I have a bruise!" The girl showed the Queen the bruise. The Queen was amazed. This was the perfect princess for the Prince. The Prince and the princess were married the next day. They lived happily for a week or two but the princess had so much trouble sleeping at night, that she couldn't stay awake during the day. She kept falling asleep at breakfast, in the gardens, then finally, on a horse. The princess tumbled from the horse and died. 

Because, you see, our perfections are our flaws and even the most perfect princess can fall.

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