Down the Rabbit Hole

A collection of fables and fairy tales with a dark twist.


1. The Littlest Lamb

Once upon a time...

There lived a flock of 101 sheep. The 101 sheep lived on a farm in the best field by the river. The best field was full of fresh, green grass and the water in the river was clean and cool so there was always lots to eat and drink. The 101 sheep grew very fat from all the yummy food and drink. One day, a Big Bad Wolf was taking a stroll when he saw the 101 sheep in the best field on the other side of the river. The Big Bad Wolf's tummy growled. He was very hungry and it was time for his lunch. In one great bound, the Big Bad Wolf leapt over the river and into the field where the 101 sheep lived. The Big Bad Wolf bared his jagged teeth and growled at the sheep.

"I'm hungry," said the Big Bad Wolf, "and I want sheep for my lunch!" The 101 sheep huddled together as the Big Bad Wolf prowled towards the flock of 101 sheep. The 101 sheep were too scared to fight back or run away. They were going to be lunch! But then the Littlest Lamb stepped forward.

"I'm not scared of you," said the Littlest Lamb. "There are 101 sheep in my flock and you cannot have any of them."

"Ha, ha, ha!" the Big Bad Wolf laughed. "You are just a little lamb - what can you do against me?" The Big Bad Wolf was still laughing when something amazing happened. The Littlest Lamb began to grow. Long claws grew from the Littlest Lambs feet and sharp teeth grew from the Littlest Lambs jaws. The Littlest Lamb grew tall and shaggy fur replaced white wool. The littlest Lamb had become a wolf. 

"Go away," said the Littlest Lamb. "Find your lunch somewhere else!" The Big Bad Wolf became afraid of the Littlest Lamb and ran away. The Littlest Lamb turned back to the 101 sheep. "Do not be afraid," said the Littlest Lamb. "I became a wolf so I could protect you." But the 101 sheep were still scared.

For we become monsters to protect those we love, but those we love still fear the monster - and even the Littlest Lamb can become a wolf.

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