Written Wildly (Poems)

Poems what more can you love?


2. Evil

Evil is my cat,

And no he's not that Evil.

But because when he was young, 

Like liked to scare people.

He liked to back-flip off bins

And a bunch of crazy stuff,

So we though it would be funny,

To nickname him Evil Knievel. ( a famous dirtbike rider)

He's Gotten lost a ton of times

And probably used up his nine lives.

Leg Clots, A Hairless belly,

and food allergies, he survives

And With all the crazy things he does

And how he's 18 years old,

you think the stinky cheese of a cat,

Would have dropped off his paws

But he doesn't die,

He lives but not only thrives.

Looking younger than his age

We wonder why he stay

So youthful and so lively,

When we relized, that Evil spells




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