Unknown (LL love story)

"LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN!" I heard my sister scream.

Hi, my name's Taylor I'm 18 and my sister loves Logan Lerman. She's 8.

Here's the story:

Logan and I were childhood friends and we always hung out. You see Logan is really famous so he had to move to LA. He didn't even say goodbye to his best friend!

What will happen when we are reunited? Will he forget me all together or not?


12. To Utah

We bought some bus tokens for a bus to Utah, and while we were waiting in the lobby of the hotel, I noticed a man in a white shirt and blue jeans talking on his cell phone.

My eyes got wide, and Logan must've noticed too, because he said," What's wrong?"

I pointed to the man.

He was one of Logan's bodyguards.

"You should go with him" I insured.

"No!" He insisted.

"Why not?"

"I want to help you, and I want to see snow."

He sounded so much like a little kid, it was so cute.

"I know. But it's safer for you to go Logan. You need to go home."

"But it's not safe for you." He argued.

"You have to stop worrying about me! I can take care of myself! I have to start looking out for you."

He grabbed my hand and looked at me.

"No way am I letting you go that easily."

Normally, I would be so giddy to hear him say that, but now..it made me mad. Why doesn't Logan ever listen to me!? I want to save him once! It's the least I could do!

"I'm saving you this time. Go." I pushed him towards the bodyguard.

"Are you sure?" He looked like a puppy dog again and it broke my heart.

"I'm doing this for you. Maybe I'll see you again. I'll try and come visit." A year rolled down his cheek. I wanted to hug him so badly, but I was afraid it would be awkward.

"I'll miss you" he whispered.

"I'll miss you too."

He hugged me and I started crying.

"Look for Taylor in LA, I'll look for her here, I promise."

"Okay.." he drifted off.

I was walking up the steps to the bus when Logan called out,"I never got your name!"

I turned towards him and yelled back,"Look at home!" and then with a wave, I stepped on the bus.

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