Unknown (LL love story)

"LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN!" I heard my sister scream.

Hi, my name's Taylor I'm 18 and my sister loves Logan Lerman. She's 8.

Here's the story:

Logan and I were childhood friends and we always hung out. You see Logan is really famous so he had to move to LA. He didn't even say goodbye to his best friend!

What will happen when we are reunited? Will he forget me all together or not?


13. Scary at its finest

I got off the bus after a long drive, and checked into a motel. It's been 3 days since I've seen Logan, and I'm starting to get really upset--again.

As soon as I laid down, I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and walked to the bathroom. Startled, I felt a pair of hands wrap around my mouth. The person put a cloth in my mouth and dragged me into the hall. He/She led me to their car and pushed me inside. I got a glance at them, and figures, it's Jack.

By this point I wasn't scared. I wanted to hurt him. I was thrashing wildly trying to kick or hit him, either way is good.

He started up the engine, and off we went. We headed back to California. Back to his home.

10 hours later, I woke up in a small car, the same one I fell asleep in.

"Get up!" He grumbled, and released the cloth from my mouth.

OWWW my mouth was burning.

"Now listen sweetie pie, we are going to go in there, act like a happy family, eat something real quick and go back to your house. Got it?" He raised his hand, and I whimpered, then nodded in agreement.

I looked up to find a plain, old green-and-white pit stop. Ugh.

We walked inside, and I plastered a smile on my face. My eyes were darting around fast trying to find the quickest and nearest exit. Maybe I could get away from this buffoon and he wouldn't notice.

We walked towards a hot dog stand and I ordered a plain hot dog. I looked around and I noticed something...

Was that the..Lermans?!

I told Jack I had to go to the bathroom which was closer to the Lermans.

I walked calmly over to the ladies room and whispered Logan's name:

"LOOOOOGANNNN" I whispered-screamed.

Logan turned towards me and ran up to me, then locked me in a huge hug. When he pulled away, he said, "Thank god your okay! I thought you might've died!"

I was just relieved he didn't find out my name.

"Why did you come home?" He asked me.

"Guess." I said.

"He's here!? Where!?"

I pointed to Uncle Jack.

"THE HELL! I'M GONNA KILL THAT GUY!" Logan tried to run over to Jack, but I grabbed his shirt.

"No! Don't!" I exclaimed, "I probably deserve it anyway...after the way I treated you--"

"Taylor, he hurt you. No one deserves that!"

"What did you call me?"

"I know who you are, and I understand why you didn't tell me. I'm not mad. I'm actually relieved." He smiled.

"I found you!" He added.

I blinked.

"We're leaving and I'm taking you with me!"

"But...I can't...Logan.."

He wasn't listening to me.

He ran out of the pit stop.

"What about your family?" I asked, surprised.

"I'll explain it to them later."

I stopped.

"You don't have to do this for me.." I said.

"Yes I do!" He grabbed me and pulled me close, and kissed me.

"I love you."

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