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1. Sienna

"Sienna! Sienna! Run baby girl ! Run!"

I woke up shivering , realizing where I was .The bayou of Honey Islands swamp . The sun soon kissed my bones . I walked to the boat my papa and brother Jaison had built me . I cupped my hands in the cold bayou water , splashing it against my deep brown skin . I began to hear a noise . I thought it was an animal bustling through the swamp . But the sound began getting closer and sounded more like footsteps . Then appeared man with broad shoulders , eyes green as the bayous polluted water . Fear trembled throughout my body . He could have been a killer , a rapist . Yet my body could not move . He was gorgeous with his skin as white as snow and his smile which gave my skin goosebumps and his black curly hair . I quickly threw water against my thick curly Afro . Finally he approached me .

"Hey I'm Daniel Lavigne and you are ?" He said extending his hand

I was truly shocked , the only white people that came to the bayou were tourist and they were too scared to talk to natives because they thought we were all into voodoo and witch craft .

"Hi I'm Sienna " I replied shyly

"Beautiful name . What are you doing out here alone ?"

"Just came here to find some inner peace . Why are you here "

"Well I'm new to the town , I'm from France but my dad got a job offer as a head sheriff around here so we relocated "

"Well it was nice to meet you but I gotta go " I stammered

" But why?"

"My brothers waiting at home for me "

"Well I can give you a ride "

"No thanks I'll just use my boat"

He started laughing . "You gotta be fucking kidding me you mean to tell me you ride this boat home like on some movies type of shit . Dude , you must come home drenched everyday " he says

I began to get irritated and all the thoughts and feelings of attraction I felt for him began to vanish .

"I have to go " I said rudely

"C'mon wait up now . If you take your boat it's gonna take you like an hour to get home . Let me drive you "

Finally I gave in and got into the truck . As we pulled away from the bayou . The things that began to capture my eyes were so compelling . The butterflies fluttered and traced the sun, the sun beaming down on the water making it cool and calm and the sounds of peace and serenity . Finally Daniel said " Why do you go out to the bayou "

" I go to capture every aspect it has to offer , from it's beauty to it's peaceful setting"

"I would just go out there to throw a party and get laid . Seems like a good spot" he said chuckling

That really made me lose any ounce of respect for him . He was one of those guys I guess . He nudged my elbow .

"Aw c'mon I was just kidding " he said with a strong French accent

I began to feel a little better

"So why did you follow your dad to Louisiana" I asked

"Well I've always wanted to be a chef and I saw that this would be a great place to live to pursue my career"

"How nice "

We turned down my street . "Make a left here and that White House is mine "

"Wow it's so huge and so complex . There must be story behind it "

I tried to fight my mind with the screams I heard.

Once back into reality , I realized that my brother was on the porch .

"When can I see you again " I heard Daniel faintly say

I was fixated on my brothers who eyes looked enraged , he was headed to the car with his fist balled up and in deep panic I opened up the door , but by then it was too late......

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