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4. Lissette

I felt numb, like I was dead and an evil spirit resurrected my body . I hadn't always lived here, I lived in Indiana with my mother . She was my best friend , no matter how busy she was she always spent time with me . We did absolutely everything together , from baking 7 up pound cakes to falling asleep together . For many years my father was questionable . My mother never mentioned him and he was ma topic for discussion . My mom became frustrated at the mention of his name every time then my mom would mumble about a guy named Jack .

I always had a reoccurring nightmare , in my nightmare some guy with a long beard and dark beady eyes would be holding me down as if he was trying to kill me . I would wake up in cold sweats or tears.

The day after my eighteenth birthday I found out my mother had stage four breast cancer . That's when she reached out to my father asking him to take care of me if something happened to her . She died three months later . Riding into the bayou of Louisiana had to be entirely depressing . I felt as if my father always loved his other daughter Ivory better than me . Like I couldn't compete with her for some reason . Ivory was always nice to me but I couldn't get around getting along with her . I sunk into depression and began to forget who I truly was .

To add more onto my depression my father was unexpectedly murdered. That's when I got into drugs and parties and I met Kareem . Kareem is my first love and my closest friend . He lost his father to gang violence so he understands . But sometimes his pain turns into anger and his anger turns into pain and my understanding turns into black eyes .

Kareem just needs someone to love him is all . So I love him as hard as I can . We are headed to the bayou and Kareem hand is where the soreness of a cracked rib is . I try to fight the pain so that he won't recognize the immense pain I'm feeling. "Baby you know I love you " Kareem whispers

"Yes I do Kareem" I say

But I really don't know . Truth is I don't know what love is , the

very thing I've ever loved is gone . I'm scared that if I love again it will just leave my life once again . We are finally get to the bayou . Someone decorated the bayou with little lanterns. Music blaring and these people are swaying in the motion of the devil . Everyone holding a cup of death pressing it to there lips.

I headed to the drinks ready to drink my sorrows away and fade the night away . Suddenly a man walks up to me . He grabs me by my waist . My body becomes numb."well hey there sexy " he says with strong liquor on his breath

"Get off me , I have a boyfriend " I say trying to pull away from his strong grip

"Don't fight it baby , your looking too good for me to pass up this oppertunity"

Kareem walks up to me and the guy , his beige skin now red as siren lights .

"What the fuck are you doing touching my girlfriend " he yells

The guy turns surprised and snarls at Kareem .

"What a slut , she never even mentioned you bro . I thought she liked it " he lied handing Kareem his cup of liquor and walking away

Kareem became a whole new person than when he walked in. He grabbed my hand in a tight grip. I tried to loosen my hand.

"If you move one more time I will slit your throat"he whispered

Suddenly we both realized Ivory was headed in our direction she looked really irritated .She finally caught up to us.

"Did you steal my mothers drugs?"

"Why would I steal from that shitty house ?She probably snorted it all up and forgot she did, stupid crackhead " I snapped

"Go to hell bitch" Ivory yelled

She then turned to Kareem "Where is Sienna ?" She said . Kareem pointed her into Sienna's direction and then yanked my hand forcefully away from the bayous reach . When we entered a dirt road Kareem turned to me and slapped me so hard I got whiplash and fell to the ground .

"You fucking whore I can't take you anywhere " he barked

"Kareem baby I'm sorry . That guy was ly-"

"Shut the fuck up Lissette ! Shut the fuck up !"

After five minuets of silence Kareem crouched down and kissed my forehead , it burned like acid . "Baby I love you I'm sorry that I get angry sometimes . Let's just go home " he cooed .

I remained acquiescent , got up , and dusted off my dress . As we began walking we were blinded by the headlights of a yellow car . The car came to an abrupt stop and a man got out of the car. Instantly flashbacks of my nightmares became more vivid than ever .

I'm in a white dress, embroidered with purple flowers . I'm in my room happily finger-painting, when I hear my mothers faint screams . Suddenly, her faint screams get closer and closer . "Jack please don't hurt my baby ! Please don't hurt her " my mother screams . In walks a man with glassy eyes and a long brown beard. He picks me up and throws me onto the bed , squeezing his hands around my neck . I began to scream and whimper . My dress becomes saturated with blood . My body feels sore , so sore . "You dirty girl , messy messy ,messy" he snarls . He spits on me ."I hope your mama done learned her lesson " the man says and I black out

I fall back into reality , my nightmare seems more like reality now. As I look into this mans face my body goes numb and I my body gets cold as Ice.

The man begins to walk closer , tilting his head and slapping his knee with laughter.

"Well, well,well if it isn't miss Robatille, remember me" ......

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