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2. Jaison

I felt like an animal , caged up , ostracized . Patiently waiting for that one person to be dumb enough to open my cage and play ....

There my sister was sitting next to a guy in a red truck , he was white . The whitest thing in bayou. "Baby I think that's Sienna " my girlfriend Ivory Leonore said .

I began walking to the car , trying to be as cool , calm and collective as I could be . And as I inched closer to the car my calming mentality was erased with rage . That was none other than Daniel Lavigne , the new sheriff Jack Lavigne's son. Jack Lavigne was selfish , he decided once he entered his position of head sheriff of the city that he was going to dictate and dominate everything . When he did research on our family property he decide have his construction workers demolish it and build a night club over top of it . My great grand dad built this entire house with his bare hands and finished a year before his death and I wasn't letting anyone take it from us . So when I finally reached the car I snatched Sienna up so hard out the car . Daniel ran out of the car to stop me . "Dude what is your issue get the fuck off of her he screamed at me "

I punched him in his face and he fell with blood oozing out of his nose .Sienna ran to him "why would you hit him Jaison " she screamed

"That motherfucker's father thinks he can come into the city and destroy what great gran dad has built over 70 years ago?!"

" I have no idea what is going on I don't even talk to my father " Daniel exclaimed

"He's a snake so your a snake and stay the fuck away from my sister "

I grabbed Sienna's arm but she pulled away "Jaison he did nothing to us please stop !"

"Sienna shut up and get in the house "

"I'm not going anywhere " she said running off

Daniel got up and drove off. Ivory ran up to me , her sandy brown hair cascading down her back .

"Jaison what the hell is wrong with you " she yelled

"Ivory get out my way " I said storming into the house

"Jaison you can't get mad at that guy for what his father is doing that isn't his fault " she said following me into the house

"Ivory get what from me I'm seriously warning you "

"What's that supposed to mean Jaison "

"Exactly what I'm saying "

" Maybe it's a good thing that he's destroying the house Jaison . You've been haunted by your past far too long . There's too many inner demons lingering around here so maybe this is a good thing"

I rammed her into the wall putting my hands around her neck . Ivory began crying and whimpering and I began to lose sympathy . " My great grand father worked to build this house . My parents worked there ass off to keep it , they died and left this house to me and Sienna . So don't you ever fucking agree with that shit again " I said then removing my fingers from around her

When I let her loose she punched me dead in the eye "don't you ever put your hands on me again she said before running out of the house . I put my head in my lap and began crying . Then I started hearing things .

"Mr. & Mrs. Aidelaide your gonna have to come with me "

My mothers screams "Sienna ! Sienna ! Jaison ! Run ! Run ! "

My papa's neck tightened with a rope." Kill that nigger " a crowd chants

"Run Jaison ! Run!"

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