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3. Ivory

"Ivory baby I love you , remember I always loved you . Now run baby ! Run !"

Every memory of the past has a story behind it . Sometimes you can hide in the dark but eventually the light will follow you . I ran as fast as I could, stumbling and crying all the way home . When I got home my mother was sprawled on the couch drunk with a line of cocaine still laced on the coffee table . My father announced that he had another daughter named Lissette Robitalle that she would move in with us because her mother died. Shortly after that my father was murdered at his best friend's party , who happens to be Jaison's parents .

My mother and Lissette had terrible ways of coping with my fathers death. My mother began drinking and doing cocaine and Lissette began partying and sleeping around and even got a boyfriend named Kareem. Lissette appeared downstairs with a skin right wine red dress , her red curls bouncing down her mahogany skin. She was beautiful , truly beautiful . Instantly she felt the presence of my miserable spirit , and began to attack it .

"Ivory , Ivory ,Ivory . Your looking kind of down . What's got your pretty little panties in a bunch" she sneered

" Don't start with me Lissette, I'm not in the mood"

"Is it Jaison ? Is he still taking his anger out on you ? Tell little sister "

" Lissette get out of my face "

"Or what ? God, your such a pathetic little bitch . Settling for Jaison's crazy ass . All he's gonna do is hurt you . You know dad would be turning in his grave if he saw you this desperate "

"Oh and like you are any better Lissette. You come in here different hours of the night , drinking and partying . Having sex with different guys yet I'm the one who's frowned upon "

"Your such a bitch Ivory , no one loves you . No one ever will , you disgust me" she said with a loud chuckle

Then comes a loud knock on the door . Lisette opens it with great pleasure . Kareem stands there 6'2 , Carmel skin light brown hair and hazel eyes . He already looks drunk I can see it . Lissette greets him with a wet juicy kiss and he smirks at me .

"Well , well , well if it isn't Ivory " he taunts

"Kareem not today your girlfriend already has pissed me off"

"Kareem don't start with that bitch just leave her and her strung out mother on the couch alone " she snickers

"We're gonna be late anyway , the bayou party started an hour ago "

"Well come on let's go "

"By the way , Sienna is at the bayou Ivory , she asked me to tell you" Kareem said

Lisette and Kareem strolled out of the house and I slammed the door hard awaking my intoxicated mother . She sat up very sluggishly . Searching on the table for a cigarette , which she eventually pressed to her mouth and lit up . After taking a few slow drags she began to talk .

" You know I love you Ivory right "she said softly

"Yes mama I know "

"I just need my medicine " she whimpered

But she wasn't talking about medicine she was talking about her cocaine . With it she could forget the past that haunted her every moment . Without it she had to relive her darkest memories .She searched frantically for more cocaine . She began to flip over the coffee table in search for it .

"Where's my medicine ?" She yelled

"Ma I don't know , I just got here "

"Don't lie to me you bitch , I had them right here "

"Ma im not lying I promise "

"Promises don't mean shit , they never did . Just ask your fucking father that one "

"Ma just calm down "

She shot up with anger "It was that whore sister of yours , go find that slut and bring back my money"

She became more violent and aggressive , so I got my jacket and headed out the door . I headed to the bayou but going in that path began to give me headaches.

"Devil worshiper ! Devil worshiper! Kill them! Kill him ! He's a voodoo doctor ! Kill him!"

"Run Ivory ! Run ! "

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