Ain't I a good little stripper?

"Come here," Ashton said while patting his lap for me to sit on. I walked over shyly and sat down saying quietly "What can I do to pleasure you, m-master?" I said while bowing my head down. And it all started at Club Lingerie on a Friday night.. Read to find out more.


1. Prologue

 "Are you happy working here?"

"What the hell do you think Ashton? I have to go around pleasing old people, young people, even lesbians sometimes! I fucking hate this job and I fucking hate you for putting me in this position!" I yelled angrily at the curly haired boy on the other side of the room.

"Ok ok calm down. You'll be out of this soon enough."

"Will I Ashton? Will I? What if they find me? What if I can't keep this cover up any longer. They are going to find me and take me back to that horrible place."

I turned towards the window looking out of it. Within seconds, I felt two hands around my waist and a head on my shoulder. 

"They won't find you. I won't let that happen. I promise."

Little did they both know that promise would soon be broken..


Hey guys! Sorry to make this story so suddenly and all but an idea just popped into my head and I just typed it down. Anywhore... Put down in the comments below if you want me to continue this story    



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