Will you remember me?


1. My life

BEEP BEEP BEEP! My alarm clock went off at 6:00 am. Hi I'm Mariana Owens, Im 16, and I love singing, green day, and blink 182. Ok after I wake up I run downstairs and pull out a box of cereal, then I eat it quickly. Afterwards I take a shower. Ok now I'm getting into a black belly shirt that says Blink 182 on it and high black shorts with black vans. Now I'm putting on light pink lipstick and black mascara. Okay I grab my headphones plug them in my phone and put them in my ears. Okay I brush my hair really straight. Now I'm just going to head out to my bus. I usually sit in the front quietly listening to my music. Okay we're finally here. Now I get out and walk to my locker and grab my books. When I close my locker I see this boy walking up to me. His eyes are really light blue, and he's blonde and tall. It was my crush Luke Hemmings. Hey Mariana. Hey Luke! I can't believe you walked up to me. Haha we're friends aren't we? Luke said to me, smiled and stared me in the eyes. Yea, yea were friends. I said and smiled. RING! The bell rang for class and me and Luke ran before we were late. RING!! Our classes had ended and we walked home together, we talked and talked. Then Luke started telling jokes. Then he grabbed my hand and held it tightly in his. Luke? I asked blushing. Yes Mariana? He smiled at me. Your holding my..my hand? Why? I asked. Because your amazing, and I.. I like you Mariana. He said to me as he stared in my eyes with his glowing from the light. Aww Luke.. I said, smiled, and blushed. I didn't even know you liked me Luke. I said. Haha are you kidding? Mariana I have liked you since kindergarten. Luke said. Luke? Yes Mariana? He asked and smiled. I grabbed him and pulled him close to me, and we kissed. Luke pushed himself away, and then smiled while staring into my eyes. He pulled me on the ground and I landed on him and we laughed and stared at the sky, still laughing. Luke your so much fun. I said and smiled. Yea I know. He said and laughed. Luke I have to go now, or else my mom will worry about me. Okay, Luke said to me and waved. Bye Luke! Thanks a lot for the fun. I said and walked off. I finally got home. Mom? Are you here yet?! I yelled still smiling. Yes Mariana I'm up here with your brother. Mom I wanna see Michael! I ran upstairs to see my 5 year old brother, Michael. Hey Michael how was kindergarten? I asked while he stared at me laughing. It was fun and we painted today! Michael said while jumping and laughing. That's cool mikey. I walked to my room and texted Luke. Hey Luke! I just wanted to say that I want to walk home with you again tomorrow! 💜 Mariana. He said sure! Yay! So do I have a bf or nah? BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! My alarm woke me up at 6:00 am like usual, and I was getting ready. I didn't bother to take a shower, I just put on deodorant. I put on a pretty pink dress with a blue heart on it with black flats. I walked out the house and got on the bus. Luke was in the bus, he walked up to me and sat down. Next to me. Hey Mariana. He whispered. Hey Luke. I whispered back to him. I can't wait until our walk. I said and smiled. The bus slammed on its brakes in front of our school and me and Luke held hands as we walked out of the bus. I kissed Luke and walked to my class and he walked to his. RING!! Our school finally ended. Me and Luke walked together holding hands. Luke told hilarious jokes. We kissed about 5 times for about 1 minute everytime. Then Luke said to me: Mariana, I'm..I'm moving back to my home town, Sydney, Australia. But Luke, what about us? I asked. What about me? What about me wanting to see my family?! Luke said angrily. But Luke, will.. Will you remember me? I asked crying. I don't know Mariana! Will you remember us?! I asked crying then ran away. Wait Mariana! Luke called for me. What Luke?! Do you want to tell me you hate me?! No, Mariana, I love you. I won't forget you. Aww Luke. I ran towards him crying and he hugged me tightly. I won't forget you either Luke.

Thanks if you enjoyed it! It was supposed to end like that. TBH thanks bye!

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