The Story Of Our Lives (1D FanFiction)

This story is about 1D and these girls named: Pixie-May and Hanna-Magic (If you don't like them stop reading now). They met in school with two other boys called Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, they all became best of friends especially Louis and Hanna also Niall and Pixie. Then everything goes wrong with there friendship breaking from crashes and memory loos and meeting again by a TV Show If you want to know what happens next read the book...


8. The next day with the babies selted in and somthing bad happens

Pixies POV

The next day mine and Hanna's mum's are out of hospital and on the way home. It was about 8:30pm at night that they had done all of the test on mum and little Luna. When we got home mum went to bed and I was looking after Luna for the first night EVER. after feeding little Luna she fell asleep in my arms and I put here to bed and she did not wake up in the night but mum did though and she was worried about her but when ever mum woke up to check up on little Luna she was always sound asleep. Then next day Luna woke up crying at around 9:00am luckily I got up the stairs before my mum woke up. Then the door bell rang. I went to answer it to see standing in the door way my DAD I haven't seen him for about 1 mouth now and I was so excited. When he entered he asked were mum was and I said she was up in bed. he asked if he could hold the little girl and what mum named her coz they had some names in mine like Jade, Ellie, Ruby and many more I said " mum let me name her soooo I called her Luna-may like my name is Pixie-may." he said " well I think that is buitfull." and he kissed me on the head and went into the living room and put here in the cradle. Mum came down the stairs and came into the living room to she dad on the sofa. she started to cry in joy that he was home. I crab my phone and text Hanna, Niall and Louis saying.

(P=pixie H=Hanna N=Niall L=Louis)

P-u want to go to go up town if not busy today

N= sure

L=sure no problem

H= yes ok

N= sall i tell them were we have been Louis

H= tell us what

P= boys what have u been hiding

L= we went to Spain to book a place for all of us to go on Holladay for all of us and also some drama has been happing  here that you are keeping from us Hanna and Pixie so spill.

P= fine my mum and Hanna's mum had a baby that's why we have not be talking to you guys much you happy now.

N= we will talk more about this at the town I think 

and then the texting ended.

Hanna's POV

I ran upstairs to crab all of my things to go to town when my mum and dad walked in with little Ashley. I said " what's up and can I go up town with Pixie, Niall and Louis Please." they said "nothing and yes you can just please come back if you don't little Ashley will miss you." i said " yes i will." then i gave them all a kiss and went to my bus stop. When i got into town we all met out side subway where we always loved to eat. But first me and Pixie met out side Superdrug were we always get our hair products and make up and always like not look at the Zoella my fav thing  was her perfume. so i got it coz my dad had put 100 pounds on my credit card like always and got Pixie the 2 types of make up bags coz she had old ones. the make up bags are the one with the gene pig on and the one with her eyes. then me and Pixie went to meet the boys and went around town. When we finished in town we all went home and tomo we where all going out to the fun park. The next day have come and we are going to the fun park. Niall is driving and i will sit in the back with Louis. then there is a knock at our door and when i answer it is pixie with Niall car in the back ground. when we left we were about 10 mins away from the fun park when suddenly a car pulled out in front of Niall and went striate into us.......




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