The Story Of Our Lives (1D FanFiction)

This story is about 1D and these girls named: Pixie-May and Hanna-Magic (If you don't like them stop reading now). They met in school with two other boys called Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, they all became best of friends especially Louis and Hanna also Niall and Pixie. Then everything goes wrong with there friendship breaking from crashes and memory loos and meeting again by a TV Show If you want to know what happens next read the book...


3. Day 2 (All Of Main Charcters P.O.V)

                                                                            Hanna's POV

I woke up this morning with five messages from pixie via my old phone (iPhone 4s). I was too excited to answer them as Louis might recognise me, so i decided to run and do my morning routine (Hair,Make Up,School Clothes and Shower). I ran to school today because i was too excited to take the bus. I met Pixie  out side of our school to see Niall and Louis staring at me. I saw Pixie and waved at her she smiled and ran to me. "hey Gurl" she said. I smiled and said "Hey, English?" She relplied with a "Yep like always" we flicked our hair and started to walk to  English.


At Lunch  we went up to Niall and Louis and we asked them how there day was going and he said good you and we both said fine we went to sit at our own table. We were eating and talking to each other peacefully untill i heard a whisper behind me saying "I heard that Hanna and Pixie dye their hair for attention from boys. I turned around to see everyone whispering so i grabbed my bag and ran to the toilets crying my eyes out so my mascara is running down my face as i got to the bathroom i put my bag on the side and grabbed my makeup wipes and wiped off my make up. After i was done i smiled and went out of the bathroom and went to the next class witch was Science.



                                                                                    Pixie's POV:

After Hanna ran out i started questioning people who had made the roomer which i found out it was the bully that always picked on us in primary. But Hanna was more picked on then me. Her name is Trixie-moon she is one of the popular girls in school that all of the boys love except Louis and Niall who always stock up for us but we can do it on our own now. I stormed up to her shouting " what the hell do you think you are doing making roomers about us why don't you get some friends that like you for who you really are and not your popularity like Hanna is to me she is like a sis to me i could not be with out her,she has been through bullying by you and we had 2 best friends move away and now they are at this school and don't even recons us how much do you think we are going through!!!!" she said sarcastically " I'm sorry for what i have said i didn't mean it or did i" then she turned around and started laughing followed bye her friends. Louis and Niall had a shocked look on there faces because they did not know that a girl has guts to say all of that. i said " i am going i have said my peace and i am done with you, your very luckily that you don't have a black eye right now" so i ran off looking for Hanna. i had no luck better get to class then.                                                         


                                                                           Louis POV:

Me and Niall walk back to our table and i say "OMG who was that she had the guts to say that i need to know who they are? wait is that no way is it Pixie and Hanna it couldn't be it must be we always talked about going this school when we was in primary and she said 2 of there best friends left came back and did even recognises them. i need to go and find them now!! Niall you in for this search." he nodded at me so we left running out of the lunch room. We look everywhere for them and no luck. lets go class and have a look. when we walk in pixie was hugging Hanna and then told her what she had said to Trixie which made her better.







                                                                               Niall's POV

We walked in and sat down next to them. Louis said " please may i ask your names" pixie said " sally i tell them Hanna" she nodded. "well my name is Pixie-May and she is Hanna-Marin and i thought you would never ask us that we thought you forgot about us" Then i say "how could we forget the people we knew your were our best friends." Louis said " i thought that was you pixie the way you was talking to her like that oh and by the way i loved your colour hair before you dye it back to normal i like it with colours in Hanna." she said " thank you i am not sure on the colour right now any way so i might dye it back." then i say " pixie i really love your hair it looks really nice you should keep it like that. is the colours blue bubble gum and coral purple it was your fav in primary." pixie said " how did you know that and yes it is am I keeping it like that the lesson is starting now." 









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