The Story Of Our Lives (1D FanFiction)

This story is about 1D and these girls named: Pixie-May and Hanna-Magic (If you don't like them stop reading now). They met in school with two other boys called Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, they all became best of friends especially Louis and Hanna also Niall and Pixie. Then everything goes wrong with there friendship breaking from crashes and memory loos and meeting again by a TV Show If you want to know what happens next read the book...


1. Day 1

                                                                                 Pixie's Pov:


I Woke up early this morning went to look in my mirror of my lovely blue and purple hair to find It had faded to its normal colour blonde that i did not know had happened. I started to scream. I went to the bathroom to find a two boxes full of hair dye and a note saying "i thought you might of needed this it is your favourite colours to dye your hair, blue bubble gum and coral purple from your bestie Hanna" xx.

She thought in her head "she has saved my life", "right lets get ready need to show the new hair off." After doing my hair and showering i got my school clothes on and ran to the bus luckily i just got there in time. I jumped on the bus and happy to see Hanna and thanking her for the hair dye. Then the next stop was where they picked up 2 new boys that we new from kindergarten up to year 3 that we lost contact with when they went to different country because there moms got jobs in the same area. I started to freak out jumping all over the place, they got on the bus they didn't even recognise us. I said to Hanna "lets not say anything and let the find out for themselves".  When they got on the bus and sat down me and Hanna turn around and said "welcome to phoenix high school hope you like it here"  Niall replied "thank you i think we will love it here to." After that we just smiled and turned back round as the bus stopped at school.

 Lunch Time Arrived Everyone was relived after a long lessons of Maths and English. Me and Hanna got our lunch and sat down everyone was wanting to sit with us because we were one of the popular ones in the school but we turned them down. Then we look over at the lunch table that Niall and Louis was sitting at. Then Niall said to Louis " hey Louis it is those pretty girls from the bus that we saw today ." Louis look over and we turned our heads with a sassy hair flick. Louis said "they were both in our maths class and English class today didn't you notice them" then Niall replied " Yes obviously that's all i was doing last lessons was just looking at them especially the girl with the blue and purple hair." They got up and left. Me and Hanna had finished up and went to the next lessons.

Then the end of the day had come and Me and Hanna got on the bus followed by Niall and Louis. they sat in front of us this time. We said to them said to them " was your first day good then." They replied "Yes thanks." they turned around as the bus pulled up at mine and Hanna's stop. When i walked through the door then went up stairs and 2 presents were on my bed with a note saying "hope you like this and hope it is the right colour and the other thing. here is a clue u have always wanted this and Hanna has the same love from mum p.s be home at 9:30  then we can set it up xxx." I opened the fist one that had then number 1 on the wrapping paper. i screamed because it was the IPHONE 5S IN GOLD that i have always wanted then i looked at the other one at it was a picture of me and Hanna's hair. I was freaking out. I said "i have got to show Hanna the phone and case well she dose have the same but whatever." Then i looked inside and the headphones were tie-dye blue and purple which was LIMTED ADDITION OMG!!!!!!!!!!! 

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