The Story Of Our Lives (1D FanFiction)

This story is about 1D and these girls named: Pixie-May and Hanna-Magic (If you don't like them stop reading now). They met in school with two other boys called Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, they all became best of friends especially Louis and Hanna also Niall and Pixie. Then everything goes wrong with there friendship breaking from crashes and memory loos and meeting again by a TV Show If you want to know what happens next read the book...


2. Day 1 (Hanna's POV)

                                     Hanna's POV



As the bus came to a stop on my stop i skipped off the bus walking back to the house. As i walked through the door I shouted "Anyone home?", but no  answer except from a bark of my dog called Aria  running and jumping on me. Then we both run up the stairs and into my  room to find a presents on my bed with a note saying "I really hope you like this present you and pixie have the same im not saying no more except you'll love it, Love from The Best Mum Evea xxx." I opened the present that had the number 1 on it and  flipped my hair out of my face. I couldn't believe my eyes it was a IPHONE 5S in GOLD with the colour headphones tie-dye dark red purple to blue. I started to open the second when my old phone rang...

It was a random number so i answered it and it was Niall. I said "how did u get my number." Then he said "this girl in our class called Eva gave it to me." Then i ended the call and carried on with what i am doing.

Later that night i decided to dye my hair back to its original colour which is blonde by the way, hoping Louis will recognize me. After i had dyed my hair i decided to set up my phone and finish opening my other present to find me with my old hair and Pixies hair on the case then hop into bed and  play on my phone for a bit also turned off my light and went to sleep. ready for the next day.




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