The Story Of Our Lives (1D FanFiction)

This story is about 1D and these girls named: Pixie-May and Hanna-Magic (If you don't like them stop reading now). They met in school with two other boys called Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, they all became best of friends especially Louis and Hanna also Niall and Pixie. Then everything goes wrong with there friendship breaking from crashes and memory loos and meeting again by a TV Show If you want to know what happens next read the book...


5. 1 Day later

Hanna's POV

I have just woken up and to find my mum and dad at the end of the bed waiting to tell me something. " Hi mum and dad is there something you need to tell me." then mum said " I am having a baby it is girl you are having a baby sis around aren't you happy." I said " I am it's just" I get up out of bed and crab clothes and run to pixies house crying. I hear my mum and dad shouting my name and hear my dad running. The it stops. I arrived at pixies house crying my heart out. Waiting for her to come to the door then see shouts "I'm coming."

Pixie POV

When I open the door I find Hanna wet from the rain and crying her eyes out then mum comes running down the hall way and ask Hanna what is the matter and bring her in with a lovely hot chocolate and some of my clothes. Then I ask her "what had happened." she said " my mum is having a b-baby and it is a girl." then she burst out crying again. then i say " isn't that a good thing." then she says " I don't no what to think right now having a baby sis around will be hard work." then I say " I would love to have a bay sis around I would love it." Then my mum over hear me and said " pixie come here please." so I went. " Pixie I need to tell you something as well." I am getting worried now what if my mum is having a baby to I would love to be a big sis. " yes mum what's up you look worried." she said " I am worrying that you aren't going to like this but I am having a baby to it is a girl as well how cool. is that." I say "OMG really yes I get to be a big sis like I have always dreamed of I am going to tell Hanna." then I run into the living room shouting "HANNA HANNA HANNA you will never believe what I have been told."

Hanna POV

Pixie came running in and shouting my name. I said " yes what is why are you jumping up and down like a mad man." she said " my mum is having a baby to it Is a girl to. when they are born we can baby sit together how's that." I say " yes that would be amazing I would love that. also my I stay here the night please I don't wont to go home." Pixie says "yes you can no problem." then the door bell rings.

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