Mr Billionaire; Muke

Mr billionaire ; muke

Life is tough for Michael, not until you bump into Luke Hemmings- the most well-known billionaire of all time.

All Michael wants was to have a good life but luck was not on his side. So he has to do the dirty job- stealing.

And he just so happens to steal Luke Hemming's property.

What happens when they collide?

What kind of tension will they have?

Will Michael accept Luke's offer?

Read to find out;))


My billionaire muke type book:3 honestly I feel like a potato coz I'm lazy.

Warning: SLOW UPDATES ( it's in my agenda ) :))


4. 04


A/n: honestly, I felt bad for not updating so here it is..... I don't even know whether you guys like this story or nah, anywho, let's start.

Michael's POV:

After that sentence he said, I can't help but have butterflies in my stomach and sparks fly.

I gulped. He smiled evilly saying he finally got me.

"What's wrong kitten? Feeling uncomfortable?" He whispered sending shivers along my neck. I could've swear he was going to lean in but being a hopeless romantic, I think my head was just messing with me.

Indeed I was feeling uncomfortable. A big lump formed on my throat. To make the matter worse, he began to lean in more forward. As in leaning towards my lips.

"You like that huh?" He said once again, and I couldn't trust my voice right now so all I did was nod. He smirked back. Obviously, he will fall for that submissive move of me.

I admit, I am liking the position we're having right now, but of course my annoying self have to do something.

So, I did the only thing that came in my mind. I kicked where the sun won't shine. His jewels.

He jumped in surprise and yelped in pain. I hold back a small giggle.

"Fuck," he cursed in between his soft pain screams which is very entertaining.

"Oops," I smiled innocently and dashed straight upstairs looking for Alex before he regain his position.

"Alex," I yelled my head back and forth in search for that little boy.

"I'm coming," I heard a faint noise but I'm pretty sure it's not him.

"I think a little punishment won't hurt a fly, wouldn't they?" The familiar voice echoed in my ears from the back meaning he's right behind me, only a few centimeters away. Again, I can't seem to trust my voice whenever I'm around him. i can smell his cologne radiating off him making me want to sniff them all around his body. Wait, why am I thinking like that!!?! Ugh, I need to stop.

"You want that?" He asked once again snapping my thoughts. I shake my head in disapprove. I could tell he smirking really bad.

"I'm sure Alex won't mind..." He trailed off snaking his arm around waist. I'm really starting to get freak out now but I calmed down once I saw Alex walking towards us with a smug expression. The arm is gone and i heaved a sigh of relief.

"Mikey?" Alex asked confused still not dropping the topic of what he saw earlier on. "I-uhm, can we-e go?" I stuttered knowing Luke's presence is still here. I could tell his enjoying the scenery so badly. Alex hesitated for a moment but thankfully, dropped the subject, FOR NOW. Being Alex, topics like that could not be turned down by him, himself.

We walked together letting Alex lead the way, and I follow. But of course, life couldn't get any better, a strong grip pulled me backwards meeting his strong, hard chest. I can't help but stare into his oceanic blue eyes. But the color is very different. Around his iris, there's something more.... I just couldn't tell. It's not emotions or anything. And I'm afraid to find out.

He broke the stare and hold my waist possessively. I melt into his welcoming warmth.

"We're not done yet, princess..." He kissed my forehead before letting me go leaving me all flushed and confused. What the hell?

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