Mr Billionaire; Muke

Mr billionaire ; muke

Life is tough for Michael, not until you bump into Luke Hemmings- the most well-known billionaire of all time.

All Michael wants was to have a good life but luck was not on his side. So he has to do the dirty job- stealing.

And he just so happens to steal Luke Hemming's property.

What happens when they collide?

What kind of tension will they have?

Will Michael accept Luke's offer?

Read to find out;))


My billionaire muke type book:3 honestly I feel like a potato coz I'm lazy.

Warning: SLOW UPDATES ( it's in my agenda ) :))


3. 03


Michael's POV:

"So, what are we going to do today?" Alex asked as his jumping up and down clearly excited about something.

"Anything you want to do kiddo," I told him making him smile even wider than I could ever imagine.

"Great, so I uh have this friend...." He trailed off, his voice getting softer by a minute until he started mumbling.

"Alex, I can't understand what you want to say...." I spoke raising my eyebrows at him.

Then he darted his gaze on his shoes as if they're extravagant and fiddled with his fingers. I place my hand on his stopping his fingers.

"What is it Alex?" I asked again, this time a bit more softer. He regained his posture and stare directly into my eyes, just like how I wanted.

"A friend of mine invited me and you to his house." He said it all in one huff.

I laughed. Yep, I literally laughed. Not in a bad way of course. He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion and said "why are you laughing?"

"Of course we can go, you nuthead," I said while ruffling his hair with my hand. He glared at me playfully trying to fix it back but failed miserably.

"Don't do that," he said once again.

"Hmm, okay," I hummed while we walked side by side wondering around like our usual routine.

☻ ☻ ☻

"Are you sure this is the place?" I asked for the millionth time and I'm pretty sure Alex is very very pissed. He snapped his head towards me giving me the silent treatment.

A small chuckle slipped the through my mouth. I can't help it. He grew up very sassy.

"Anddd, block 168 and 169.... I guess this is the block..." He said stepping on the porch and without hesitation he rang the doorbell.

I can't help but stare at this house. It's quite simple really. A front porch with a small chair and table near the door. I can't really picture what my old house was before considering I've been homeless for like many years.

The door soon opened in a matter of seconds to be greeted by a young silhouette due to small amount of light passing through. But soon the figure appeared to be a small young boy. Almost as the same height as Alex I guess. Alex then turned to me and smiled sheepishly. Weird.

"Michael, this is Thomas, my best friend in school, and Thomas, meet Michael my so called 'brother'," he introduced earning a huge grin from Thomas. I can't help but admire his two dimples popping out when he smiled or grinned.

He extended his hand offering a handshake. It's kinda weird that Alex's friend would be this formal as if he was born first class. He's too formal for my liking but since that's Alex's best friend, I'll let it aside. Who am I to judge anyway. No one's perfect.

Thomas then released my hand and cleared his throat. Awkward I may say. "So, let's get inside yeah?" He said in an inviting tone as if he was a host.

'Fuck' I thought to myself. This place is huge unlike from the outside that looks like an ordinary house but inside, it's hella fine. I can't help but admire every furniture placed on delicate places. I'm even too scared to touch anything from here as if they are fragile which I assume they are.

"Mikey, Thomas will show me around the house for a while, can you stay here for the meantime," Alex said snapping my dreams about this place. "Yeah, sure I don't mind," I shrugged. "Great, thanks," he said while grabbing Thomas's hand and running upstairs.

I stood there awkwardly but still roaming my eyes around as if this was heaven.

"Like what you see," a husky voice spoke making snapped towards the direction if sound.

It's him. The guy I stole the phone from. How? Huh? Why? What the hell?

He smirked clearly enjoying the view of me being confused.

"I see your here for another victim huh? Or you're here for me?" He cockily smiled making me want to punch it so hard his balls will fall off. 'Arrogant bitch' I thought.

"Hmm,let me think, why would I look for you or here for you? For all I know you're just a cocky bastard who's balls is smaller than his stupid brain! My ass I came here for you!" I lashed out, regretting what I said by the look on his face.

He was damn pissed. Without wasting anymore minute, he stepped forward making me step back. We did this until I reach the couch and fell on it lying down. But that doesn't stop him from stepping more forward until he was on top of me.

"If you want to seduce me while killing me slowly, it's not gonna work." I spitted in front of him making him lick them. Gross. But that cocky smile still plastered on his face. This is not good.

He looks so intimidating yet stupid for me to actually think of that. Ugh.

"Who said anything about killing..." He said snapping me of my thoughts.

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