Mr Billionaire; Muke

Mr billionaire ; muke

Life is tough for Michael, not until you bump into Luke Hemmings- the most well-known billionaire of all time.

All Michael wants was to have a good life but luck was not on his side. So he has to do the dirty job- stealing.

And he just so happens to steal Luke Hemming's property.

What happens when they collide?

What kind of tension will they have?

Will Michael accept Luke's offer?

Read to find out;))


My billionaire muke type book:3 honestly I feel like a potato coz I'm lazy.

Warning: SLOW UPDATES ( it's in my agenda ) :))


2. 02

Mr Billionaire; Muke

Chapter 2:

Another day. Another hell. Looking for my new 'prey' and so far I found none. What am I kidding its early in the afternoon to lodge around here in New York City, who would come here.

Then I spotted him. God, he's gorgeous. But he does look rich. Maybe he will be my next. Then bam! We stared at each other with his crystal aqua blue eyes with my dull green eyes. In other words, he was breathtaking. He likes a masterpiece ready to be placed in one of the museums. Okay, maybe I'm overreacting but I can't just take my eyes off him. I need to stop. He doesn't even look like he give a damn. He raised his eyebrows at me while his other hand taken making calls. I gulped. His features somehow made me feel weak on my knees and I hate it. It's like I'm showing my weakness over some normal rich guy. He then smirked and wink at me then disappeared into the crowds. What the hell?


Walking here in New York sure is tiring especially with this scorching weather. Then, I spotted him again. But this time he is sited in one of the cafés that are well known here. So I smirked widely and made my way towards the cafe for some fun. A ding was heard alerting a new customer came to order. I scanned the whole crowd looking for him and turns out, he's alone sipping a cup of coffee. He seem to be oblivious and on his own world which makes it easier for me to target. So I stood straight with an innocent smile on my face in front of his table. He raised his eyebrows at me scowling," may I help you?". I nodded and sat down feeling confidence on my side. He looked at me with disgust and made my stomach churn but I shrugged since he's like everybody else. "I seem to be lost here since I came here new...." I trailed off hoping he'd get the picture. "Sure, your at the cafe," he said with pure disgust. But not only his appearance caught my attention but his brandy new hand phone laying lazily on the side of the table. I licked my lips in delight thinking it would cost a fortune. "Looks like someone finished their lunch," I said finding a conversation to start off. He nodded and wave his hand turning his back. Perfect. So, I gently pulled out his phone into my petite hands and placed it in my pocket gracefully. I stood up while he's still preoccupied in looking for the waiter. 'Stupid kid,' I thought. It was easy really as if I'm taking candy from a baby. Once I was outside, I mentally did my happy dance and went on with my daily routine: fetching Alex from school. I'll deal with the phone later, right now, i need to find Alex.


A/N: hey long awaited chapter that fucking sucks. Imm very busy and I have no time so it's weekend which is a good thing?

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