Mr Billionaire; Muke

Mr billionaire ; muke

Life is tough for Michael, not until you bump into Luke Hemmings- the most well-known billionaire of all time.

All Michael wants was to have a good life but luck was not on his side. So he has to do the dirty job- stealing.

And he just so happens to steal Luke Hemming's property.

What happens when they collide?

What kind of tension will they have?

Will Michael accept Luke's offer?

Read to find out;))


My billionaire muke type book:3 honestly I feel like a potato coz I'm lazy.

Warning: SLOW UPDATES ( it's in my agenda ) :))


1. 01

Mr billionaire; muke

Chapter 1:


That's all i need to do.

Take his wallet and run.

Simple right?

So in a speed of light, I placed on my fake smile and jogged on my way to my prey.

My name's Michael and this is my lifetime job. Ever since, my mom passed away and dad started bringing home random woman and I just couldn't take it anymore, so I ran away before it gets out of hand. And now here I am, stealing people things feeding home a kid I found in one of the alley I used to prey and now he's like a part of me. Alex and I have something in common, we're homeless with no family caring for us so I didn't hesitate to take him with me. He's like my 'little bro'. I love him to bits. That's why I steal for the sake of Alex. But I don't work or anyone nor I kill or hurt people. I'm still kind hearted for all I know.

I know, why can't I just earn a job. Well, I dropped out and before that, I didn't pay any attention in school. So my grades sucks. This job seems to be way easier for me and Alex.

The man seem to be in his forties. He seem to be occupied seeing his face serious. I wouldn't dare to even make an eye contact but I really need the money. So, I decided to think what I should take from him. Not clothes though, I'm not a pervert and I would be genuine in this case. Maybe his phone or wallet? Too easy. All I need is distraction.

Oh no, he's walking away. Stupid mind. Sometimes I'm distracted talking to my mind. I'm doing it right now. Ugh.

Should I seduce him? No, he won't buy it seeing how old he looks like.

Now it's my cue. So, I gracefully managed to tap his shoulders without any clumsiness being me, me.

The man turned around meeting his worn out blue eyes. He has wrinkles popping out oh his eyes and cheeks. He looked pissed.

"What can I help you?" He said with a very deep voice. I gulped. "Uhh, I seem to be lost.." I trailed off. "And I'm wondering if you could tell me the destination I'm looking for.." I said once again. He huffed in annoyance and spoke," Dan," a guy in a suit came towards us with a blank expression on his face.

"Yes sir?" The guy 'Dan' asked. "Escort this young man to whatever he needs to be..." And then he turned around facing his back. 'Rude' I thought. "What is it man?" Dan asked sounding irritated. People these days are impatient. Well, this plan came out a failure. For the first time, I actually failed my mission. So I decided to cut off my act and thanked Dan and headed off to my 'home'.

My home is everywhere literally but mostly me and Alex would sleep under the bridge. I couldn't stand sleeping in the streets. People would stare at us giving me bullshit like they don't really care they're too busy minding their conversations.

Alex is actually in school. I don't pay for his fees tho, it's my trusted friend who volunteered to support Alex only with his school fees. That's all I ever asked for though.

Right now I assume it's afternoon which means Alex is going to be released from school.

Walking to his school is not that tiring. I was too early so I just waited outside puffing out a cigarette I've been craving for ages. Alex hates it when I smoke and trust me when he said he hates it, he hates it.

After the cigarette dies out, I stomped it with my foot and let my mind drifted off to the blue.

Then a big hug engulfed me making me laugh. Alex is on top of me giggling all the way.

"Now die my royal mate," he dramatically said. So I played along. A couple of people were staring at us but I don't care, I miss him. I fake a gasped then fall at one time not moving pretending I died. Alex them poked my side saying," Michael? Michael?" I smirked seeing his weakness. "Hey Michael, I'm hungry," he said still continuing to poke my side. Then my smirk died. Alex stood up dusting of his pants handing out his hand. I took it.

"So Alex, how about chips for lunch yeah?" I said since I only have a couple of bucks enough for a pack of chips and beverage. Alex pouted his lips but realized the situation so he covered it up by smiling. "Sure yea, that'll be nice,"

"Alex I'm sorry, I didn't receive any salary today so we're broke, but I've got a few bucks so that doesn't hurt," I explained hoping he'd buy it. See, Alex doesn't know my living job and I like to keep it that way. He just shrugged and we headed off to a nearby store.


A/N: so this is an intro for Michael's life. Maybe Luke would be in the picture next chapter yeah? ;))

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