Our Destiny

Poppy is a normal nerd. Until she's whisked away to her mom's friends house for 6 months because her mom has to travel halfway across the world to help a sick relative. What will go on while she's there? Who else lives there? How will she cope?


2. chapter 1

I woke up at 5am to the sound of loud voices downstairs. I was so tired I couldn't even think straight, my head was spinning all over the place. What was going on? Why was I up so early? Suddenly it all came back to me. This was the day I was going to my mom's friends house to stay for 6 months! Omg, I haven't even finished packing! Most of my room was just boxes and boxes of stuff. I went into my top chest of drawers to find and bundle of clothes that still needed to be packed, there was also another few trunks of stuff then my toiletries and that was everything! For the next hour and a half I was busy packing. I decided that I better put on my school uniform even though school wasn't for another 1 hour and 15 minutes! I dashed downstairs to get breakfast but there was no groceries in the house so I decided to go and get breakfast from the cafe down the street. The cafe was quite quiet and I was served fairly quickly. I got french toast with a large chocolate milkshake and a pot of fruit. When I got back it was almost 7:30. I now had to carry all the boxes downstairs. It took me until 8:15 to get all the boxes downstairs! The removal van wasn't coming until after school but I would be leaving as soon as I got home from school. I ran upstairs and found my school bag and jacket in the corner of my room. Then I did my makeup and hair, then it was time to leave for school. I hope I'm not late again, after all i got up at 5am! My school was about a 15 minute walk from my house so I should just make it in time. I arrived at school just on time. Where were Orla and Grace? (Orla and Grace had been best friends since the first day of high school, I was basically lost without them) I couldn't see them anywhere. Don't tell me I'm left alone, I thought to myself. Just then the bell rings, yay classes I think to myself sarcastically. The first few periods were just the same and then it was break. I haven't seen Orla or Grace all morning so they are obviously not in. I see a nice looking girl from my math class standing with a few girls and go to approach her. "Hi, Andrea is it what was our maths homework?" I awkwardly stammer. "Ehh I'm not quite sure I've got it written down if you want I can show you it at lunch? She saids, whilst tossing her glorious hair. "Yea thanks that would be great, see you then." And with that I run to the bathroom. After a few more boring classes its finally lunch. Andrea seemed really nice. She's quite popular though, nothing like me. I'm a total nerd. She has a boyfriend too, Alfie I think his name is. I've never payed much attention to him or any of the other boys for that matter. They shove me, I shove them harder back, thats it. Orla and Grace would be so happy for me right now I can't wait to tell them all about it later. Andrea greets me with a warm hug and cheerily says "Do you wanna head to the little cafe up the street, I know we're not meant to but no one will ever know." Lost in a haze I murmured "Ye sure." I don't think I realised what I was doing. I had never skipped class, went out for lunch while at school, answered back teachers or not did homework, I was always the perfect student but now that was all gonna change. "Ok, what you up to this weekend maybe we could hang out, here let me get your number so I can text you." Andrea said. My brain just froze for a few seconds, Andrea Smith was asking me to hangout with her! Omg! Or was it all just a prank so they could all laugh at me. At this point I had no idea. Surely it wasn't. Don't get me wrong Andrea was amazing but there was just something about her that seemed quite strange. There were rumours going about at one point that she had done all sorts of horrible things. I didn't really know what to think of them. "I'm free the whole weekend and sure here it is." I say, then pass her my phone with my phone number on the screen. "Well on Saturday I'm busy with Alfie but I think I'm free Sunday, I'll have to check but." Andrea said. About 10 minutes of chatting later we were at the cafe. I was so glad to be at the cafe because the conversation was getting a bit awkward. Andrea sat down at a table and I sat across from her. Andrea had such an amazing figure unlike me it wasn't fair! A friendly waiter soon greeted us. "Hello what would yous like to order?" the waiter said. "I'll have the salad and a diet coke please." Andrea said. That was the politest I'd ever seen her. I'd also noticed that she had made her skirt a few inches shorter and was no longer wearing her tie. "I'll have the soup of the day and a glass of water please." I said. "Your drinks will be here soon." the waiter said and with that he left. I was feeling a bit anxious so I said to Andrea will we definitely make it back to school on time? That was the worst mistake I could have ever made. "Poppy you're not scared are you of being late to your next class, you don't need to hang out with me if you don't want to, no ones forcing you and we don't even have any maths homework." Andrea said. I was frozen to the spot, i had no idea what to do or say. Just then the waiter arrived with our drinks. I took and sip then muttered that I needed the toilet. I think that was the fastest I had ever ran in my life, to get to the toilet. I had no idea what to do maybe Andrea would just leave and forget about me? Or maybe not. As I was thinking about all of this, I heard Something that caught my attention. "I can't believe she's hiding that she should tell someone." "Agreed I know, how could someone keep such a big secret." Just then the toilet roil fell to the floor. "Oh look I think theres someone in there." "Just leave it its probally nothing, lets go." That was close I thought and who were those two girls. I wanted to find out but that would be to risky, time to get back to my lovely lunch. Andrea hadn't left, surprisingly. She was still elagantly sitting at the table . Our food had now arrived. I started eating my soup and then Andrea said "Well than?" "Eh I have to go now heres $5 bye" I quickly stamered then dashed out of the cafe. I ran all the way back to school and got there with 5 minutes to spare. I wondered how late Andrea would be. Anyway I was looking for someone to talk to when, I heard the two voices I had heard in the toilet at the cafe. I stealthily moved closer and started to talk to Orla's boyfriend (James), I wasn't really paying attention to him I was listening to the other two girls. "POPPY POPPY HELLO POPPY" I had been paying to much attention to the two girls that I had forgot that I was talking to James! "Sorry James, I was in a daydream, got to get to class bye" I said. I then walked down the corridor after the two girls, still listening to their every word. I realised that if I kept following them, they would soon notice me so I started walking to my class. Thankfully Andrea wasn't in any of my other classes that I had today. I was actual kind of excited to see Lacey (my moms friend) house. Lacey and my mum had been friends for a very long time but for some reason I had never been to her house. My mom was going to help my sick grandpa who lives very far away and he has no other family at all because my mom was an only child. My next class was English. In english I had to go partners with this kinda cute guy called Jason. I didn't really know him but I had seen him around school. He was really nice and I'd explained my situation about my mom going away for 6 months. He was very understanding and caring. We were issued a project, which we only had 2 weeks to do. That may seem like a long time for homework but this project looked really really hard. "Why don't you swing by mine later on tonight if you have some free time and we can work on it. Heres my number." Jason said and scribbled his number down on a piece of paper and gave it to me. "Thanks I'll text you." I said then unfortunately the bell went. 1 or 2 hours later it was finally time to go to Lacey's house. I was kind of excited. My mom was picking me up today since her flight was at 6pm. "Hi honey the removal van is on its way to Lacey's house so it should get there at the same time as us. Have you definitely packed everything?" My mom said. "Hi mom and yes I'm sure, you worry too much." I replied whilst getting into the car. For the rest of the car ride I was just thinking about what those two girls said.

In the next chapter Poppy will arrive at Lacey's house, what will happen?

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