Road Trip.

" We are The Unique. We are different. We are Rejects. We are ourselves "
Avery Haynes is The Unique. Accompanied with Grey Atkins, Bennett Wood, Bailey Patterson, Florence Hart, Lawson Fields and Brent Drew. Together they all are The Unique. A troublemaker. A Explorer. A Player. An Artist. A Hippie. A Joker. A Punk Rocker.
Seven outcasts that are always each others best friends, everyone loathes them yet everyone was jealous of what they had. On summer vacation The Unique go on a road trip of a lifetime. Now the way they look at the world will never be the same again.
Read on to discover the adventures they get up too...


1. The Cliff


"Fake friends are like shadows with you in the sun, but leave you when it falls dark"


They were dancing like no one was watching. Not caring about anything, this time was theirs. As they danced, screaming and singing the lights of the streets were flickering, and barely illuminating the street itself. It was past midnight and with no where to go they danced. The neighbourhood was tucked soundlessly into there beds along with the moon. 

Hours had passed since the daytime. The flames they held was burning out but their energy was not, red sooty smoke escaped in the brisk air. The clouds were lightening and the moon was leaving, street after street but never dying down. They knew where they were going, in there minds, but they didn't know it. They promised to let their souls guide them to the destination and enjoy the adventure. 

The 'make-up' they had placed on earlier that consisted of dirt, mud and dust from the flares, was wearing off. It had been a while since they had now lastly see a street but nevertheless they knew there way back. Fields had covered the horizon as if an illustration but it was really an illusion. They knew they were close. The energy spiked up and they were near to sprinting to the edge, the sound of waves crashing sparked the fantasy.  

When the edge was a few feet in sight, wide smiles became wider as they grew closer. In a short time they stopped, the sight was soon to unravel and they silently stood still, speechlessly. No one said a word. The dawn sky was still dark but a bright navy blue mixed with black and lighter blue, looking down you could faintly see the sea beneath themselves. It had been a short while, as they was just observing the beautiful view the flares nearly dead but still very bright and still had a bit of life, lifted into the air and a scream was let loose. More followed soon after, their gazed fell onto each other with wide smiles stretched on. 

Out the backpack that had been carried here, was an old Indian rug type carpet. It lay out only stretching enough for five, but it accompanied with a lot of pillows. They sat down enjoying the sight knowing soon they would be ale to see the sun rise. After all they did come here to see, this cliff was the best spot to out see such beautiful sights and not have anyone to share with. This cliff was private, no one knew about apart from the land lord, it was private property but they didn't care they had done this hundreds of times over the years and every time they had never seen another face. The magical part about this cliff is when the sun rises or sets the view is never the same, every time different, every time unique. 

The flare's that had a couple of minutes left to live, were thrown into the sea, down below. A red glow was seen falling slowly as the last of the flame went out until you couldn't see it any more. The birds were not singing this early, nothing or no one was awake not even the sun. Stars were luckily still shining brightly standing out against the dark sky. As they lay down on there backs they tired to see what shapes they could see in the stars and see if there was and shooting stars gliding tonight. 

As time grew on the sky got lighter and the stars started fading. The moon was gone and the sky had turned into a light blue in the far distance, showing where the sun would rise from. They had lost time and the sky was their full concentration. The cliff was where they would go to if stressed or needed a break from a problem. The cliff seemed to fix and take away for a while. A break, they called it 'A break'. 

A break from stress, a break from school, a break from home, a break from everything. They would leave there troubles at the small town they called home and escape to the cliff. The cliff felt like it listened and never judged unlike actual people. As time went on the sky got lighter and the stars faltered, they sat up huddled next to each other to keep warm as they first saw a fraction of sun rising on the horizon, it was all most time. 

A guitar was taken off of a strap an place in front of him, the two shared knowing glances as everyone else knew what was going on but they still stared out to the horizon slowly seeing the sun rising. A sweet relaxing tune was softly playing now, like background music from a movie. Everyone hadn't said a word and a soft melody was filling up the conversation so they just let the music do the talking. In the moment now the birds started singing along too as if harmonizing. 

It was cold in the dawn as the brisk air nipped at the bare skin that had been shown. November was passing by quickly but the weather wasn't. Autumn was the favourite time of the year for them all as the colours came to life off of tree's and endured with bright oranges an yellows. The crunch of leaves beneath their feet as they could walk through the parks. Wellie's and purple-red lipstick with warm clothes. It seemed when the nature showed its true colours and when a cup of hot chocolate would warm anyone up strait away after a busy day.

As the sun slowly woke the sea beneath calmed down a bit but the birds were all flying off in different directions to find food for their young. A big sigh was taken when the sun was about a third showing. It was refreshing to see such a beautiful sight early in the morning away from a cramped town. At home the beautiful sights are as if locked away when you can't see them. The sun had been rising for a while and its filled the dawn with bright oranges and the blue was so vibrant as if the whole sight had been painted. The clouds in the sky had been dotted around and the clouds were as white as snow in the early morning winter days. All fluffy and perfectly sculpted. 

The soft music had died off and the peaceful silence had returned. The sun had risen quite a lot, but the bad had now returned as it was all fun and games but a question was plastered in the back of all of their minds. One simple question ruined the mood, the cliff was a great for an escape but you can't run forever.

What happens now?




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