Solitary Reaper: Ever After

Alana Williams is a spoilt rich brat, who gets everything at the tip of her toe, but everything in her life becomes upside down when her family's past decides to come and give a friendly visit.

This story is based on the poem The Solitary Reaper written by William


7. Chapter 6- Everything Gone Wrong

It had been fifteen minutes since the school got over. Alana, Lexi, Bailey and Trevor had arrived in front of the main school gate.

"Where is Amara?" Alana was getting impatient by now.

"Her last class is Mrs. Carl's class, and she takes fifteen extra minutes to discuss the homework, Amara might be on her way out of the class, five minutes for reaching and keeping her books in her locker, that's complete twenty minutes and three extra minutes for reaching the front gate that's twenty three minutes." Lexi said smiling.

Funny how that girl knew everything about Amara.

"We've been friends since a very long time, we know everything about each other." Lexi said, with a faint smile on her lips.

Was that a girl psychic? You never know.

Bailey was talking on the phone and Trevor was looking up at the sky.

"It was my mom." Bailey said smiling

"It was our mom, don't forget we are twins!" Trevor said, mock-glaring at Bailey.

"Yeah our mom, wants us home by 7, so will you leave us Alana?" Bailey said.

"Yeah me too, Amara's Dad returns at 8 and I want to be gone before he returns." Lexi said, her grey eyes full of emotions.

"Don't worry 'bout it guys, I'll leave you three, but Lexi why are you so scared of Amara's Dad?" Alana asked who was a bit curious now.

Lexi didn't answer her but gave a deep sigh, Bailey and Trevor seemed a bit worried by Alana's question and refused to make an eye-contact with her.

"Hey guys, sorry I was a bit late." All of them turned their heads and saw Amara standing.

"A bit? You made us wait for twenty three minutes!" Alana said, chuckling.

"It was Mrs. Carl" Amara said smiling.

"So shall we go now?" Bailey and Trevor said.

"Yep!" Amara said with a bright smile.


"I love your car!" Trevor said, as he stared at Alana's Mini Cooper.

"You, have a Mini Cooper!" Bailey said her eyes wide.

"Cooooool Car!" Lexi said her eyes wide in amazement.

Except Amara everyone complimented Alana's car. Amara just looked down.

Alana could see the tension in the air was raising now, Lexi's eyes showed concern and she was looking at Amara.

"Thanks guys." Alana said breaking the silence . "Hop in!"

Amara sat in the front , as she had to give the directions. Lexi and Trevor took the window seats and Bailey was stuck in the middle.

"Why am I always stuck in the middle?" Bailey said, pouting and crossing her arms.

"Because, you're the skinniest" Lexi said, sticking out her tongue. All of them started laughing at Bailey.

"So what clubs do you all attend?" Alana asked.

"Math club" Bailey and Trevor said in unison.

"Nerds attend the Math Club." Lexi said laughing. "I am in the art club."

"I attend the drama club." Amara said smiling.

"Yeah, Amara's a great actress!" Trevor said smiling. "Once she saved me from getting in detention for not completing my homework, she convinced the teacher by saying that my homework was eaten by a dog"

"That's interesting!" Alana started laughing.

"What club do you attend?" Amara questioned.

"I used to attend the Math club too, but I left it when I got accepted in the cheerleading squad in my freshman year." Alana said, smiling, her eyes on the road.


"How much longer until we reach your house?" Alana asked, they'd been driving since half an hour.

"Just a u-turn and then a right." Amara said.

"I asked for time not directions." Alana chuckled.

"Five minutes." Amara replied.


"Yes, stop here." Amara said. Amara didn't mention that the u-turn is after two kilometers, and it definitely didn't take five minutes!

They all got out of the car and Alana saw a house in view.

It wasn't that big.The house wasn't colored or anything, it was white, just plain white. How basic.

"That's my house." Amara said smiling. "This is a place I call 'Home'"

They all got into the house and the living room came in view.

It had two black sofas, which were tattered and a circular table in the middle. A pretty old TV lay on a table in the corner, a man, sat on one of the sofas and was reading a newspaper.

"You told your Dad will return at eight!" Lexi asked her eyes wide. "And where's Aunt Hilda?"

Amara decided to ignore Lexi and called her Dad "Dad I am home." She said plainly "Wheres Aunt Hilda?"

"So the trouble's back." The man said as he put his newspaper down. "And who are they?" He said pointing at all of them.

"My friends" Amara said.

"Introduce, or you're outta here kids." Amara's Dad said, he got up from the sofa.

"Dad you know them." Amara said.

"Amara keep your mouth shut." Amara's Dad said. "Go on"

"I am Lexi Wellington."

"Bailey Strutters"

"Trevor Strutters"

"Alana Williams"

"Williams?" Amara's Dad as he raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah" Alana said, looking at the floor.

"I've never seen you kid, are you friends with my troublesome daughter?" Amara's Dad said

"Yes" Alana replied.

"Come on guys, we're gonna watch a movie." Amara said and they all made their way to her room.

They all went up the stairs and entered the room on the right. The room's walls were covered with photos. Photos of her friends, sceneries etc etc. Her single bed was near a window, a small table beside it. A flat screen TV was on the opposite side of the bed wall. A study desk lay beside the door with a folding chair.

"Your room's arty" Alana said.

"Thanks!" Amara said. "It was aunt hilda's idea."

Trevor and Bailey sat on the bean bags, Lexi lay on the carpet and Amara and Alana plopped on the bed.

Alana stared at the flat screen TV, Amara's living room had an old fashioned TV, how come Amara's TV be modern then?

"I won this TV as a prize in a mono-act competition" Amara said, noticing Alana who was staring at the TV.

After a long pause Amara asked "what do you guys wanna watch?".

"A walk to remember?" Lexi asked hopefully " I love that movie!"

"Nope, we have watched that movie thousand times!" Amara replied.

The look on Lexi's face was priceless.

"Star Wars?" Bailey asked.

"Nooooooooooo" Trevor said "we should watch Life of Pi!"

"Noooooooooo" Bailey said, mocking Trevor.

"Turbo Snail?" Alana asked.

"I don't have that movie" Amara said.

After some serious disagreements they all agreed to watch Finding Nemo.


"I wish I was Nemo." Trevor said after after the movie finished.

"Nemo and you have something in common Trev! He's a clown-fish and you're a clown-human!" Bailey said.

"Bailey, i'll kill you when we reach home" Trevor said glaring at Bailey.

"You cannot kill your own twin Trev!" Bailey said as she fake-gasped.

"Stop it you two!" Lexi said

"DORY IS AWESOME" Alana said, her eyes gleaming.

"I know right!" Lexi and Amara said in unison.

"I NEED THIS GIRL OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Everyone flinched on hearing Amara's Dad shouting, he stood in front of Amara's door and shouted again.

"YOU BLONDE GIRL! OUTTA MY HOUSE!" Amara's Dad said, pointing at Alana.

"Dad! Don't you dare shout on my friend like that!" Amara said, she walked to her Dad and glared at him him face-to-face.

"So you decide to stand up against your own father? You know the consequences?" Amara's Dad said glaring at his own daughter.

"Oh yeah? What consequences?" Amara questioned as she crossed her arms.

"Consequences like these" Amara's Dad punched Amara in her head and she fell unconscious.

"Oh my god! What are you? Animal?" Trevor stood up and glared at Amara's Dad.

"Young man, you have no right to talk to me like that!" Amara's Dad said, his eyes, red with wrath.

"And you have no right to hit your own daughter like that!" Bailey said, her voice raised.

"Oh my god, look at Amara she's unconscious" Lexi said, who was on the verge of crying.

"What is it? What is your problem!" Alana said, she was so on the verge of smacking that man.


Lexi sat beside Amara and sprinkled some water on her face.

"Oh I am sure my Dad couldn't tolerate a man who is this disgusting!" Alana spat.

"And I won't tolerate to have Logan and his daughter in this world" Amara's Dad said, his voice dangerously calm and a smirk on his face.

"We better get out of here!" Lexi said her voice elevated.

Lexi and Bailey carried Amara and Trevor and Alana stood behind them.

"Guys listen, when we run we will push this man, and he'll fall, and by the time he gets up we will be outta here." Trevor said whispering.

"Alright" Lexi, Bailey and Alana agreed

"We run at the count of three." Trevor said, whispering again.




All of them ran as it were a freaking hunger games. It was hard for Lexi and Bailey to run as they were carrying a 42 kilo body, but they ran down first. Alana and Trevor both pushed Amara's Dad and ran. He hit his head against a wall and collapsed. They got out of the doomed house and saw Lexi and Bailey standing infront of the car with Amara in their arms.

"Unlock the car Alana! My arms are going to break!" Bailey squirmed.

"Y-yeah!" Alana took her car keys out and unlocked the car and quickly got in.

Trevor sat in the front and Bailey and Lexi sat at the back with Amara in their laps, who still was unconscious.

"Trevor, directions please." Alana said, looking at the steering wheel, she was distraught.

"Yeah, straight from here and then right" Trevor said.

Alana started driving.

"What do we do about Amara?" Bailey asked, her voice filled with concern.

"She's my best friend, i'll take her to my home, my mom and dad won't mind" Lexi said.


"Now where Trevor?" Alana asked.

"Just a left and we're there" Trevor said.

"Kay" Alana said plainly.

"I had fun pushing Amara's Dad" Trevor said with a big grin.

"To be honest, even I had fun pushing him" Alana snickered.

"Yeah, yeah stop." Trevor said

"Thanks for the ride, we'll see you guys tomorrow." Bailey said.

"Bye" Trevor waved and with that they both left.

Bailey and Trevor's house was pretty huge like Alana's, it was in a posh colony.

It was now only Lexi and Alana in the car, if you didn't want to include one unconscious person.

"Where's your house Lexi?" Alana asked, breaking the silence.

"Third from left" Lexi replied plainly.

"Kay" Alana said.

"You know now the reason why I am scared of Amara's Dad?" Lexi said.

"Y-yeah" Alana said.

"You, Amanda and Abigail bullied her for the mistake she once did and apologized for, you bullied her for her nature, her family, her status, her looks, never even knowing about what she was dealing with, every single day!" Lexi said, her voice slightly raising.

Alana was feeling guilty now. Really guilty.

"Yeah stop, my house is at the right." Lexi said.

"You need my help to pick her up?" Alana asked.

"No thank you" Lexi replied curtly.

Okay then.

Alana looked to her right and saw Lexi's house which was also quite big. A Range Rover, stood in the house parking.

Lexi carried Amara at her back and walked towards her house, she just turned back once and mouthed 'thank you' and left.

Poor Amara, she really did have a hard life. No wonder Maddison asked her to stop bullying her.

"How bad I was!" Alana said to herself and drove towards her house.

Today had been an eventful day.


I have NEVER been this angry on any character till now!

I hate hate hate Amara's Dad!

He hit the poor girl!

No worries, I have good plans for him.

Evil plans

Stay tuned for the next chapter!

And please excuse me if you find any mistakes because I wrote this chapter in a hurry!


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