Solitary Reaper: Ever After

Alana Williams is a spoilt rich brat, who gets everything at the tip of her toe, but everything in her life becomes upside down when her family's past decides to come and give a friendly visit.

This story is based on the poem The Solitary Reaper written by William


6. Chapter 5- A Place Called 'Home'

"Alright students, that's enough for today, please revise whatever we have covered today" Their History Teacher said "And Miss Alana Williams, can you please meet me after class?"

"Yes mam" Alana said confidently, but inside she was freaking out, what had she done this time?

Did her teacher come to know that she had copied her History project completely from the internet?

Hopefully no.

"Class Dismissed!" The teacher said

Everyone scrambled out of their seats and headed out of the class.

"Amara, shall we meet in the cafeteria during the lunch time?" Alana asked Amara Rose.

"Alright" Amara said shyly.

"Yes Mrs. Moore?" Alana rushed towards her History Teacher.

"I am perhaps, very happy with your performance in the History class." Her teacher said.

"Oh, I am glad to know that." Alana said, smiling.

"And I have also talked to your other subject teachers and they also have the same opinion" Her teacher said as she flashed a quick smile.

"Oh!" Alana said.

Even though Alana didn't like to self-praise she couldn't help but think how awesome she was.

"And our school's taking ten of our gifted students to Amsterdam for the Annual International History Workshop For Students, aka IHWFS" Her teacher said.

"A-Amsterdam?" Alana said who was completely dazed.

"Yes dear, Amsterdam, and I think, that you deserve this chance" Her teacher said. "Apart from attending the workshop we will also be taking our students to visit the historical monuments in Amsterdam."

"Oh my god" Alana mustered up atleast something.

"We will be financing everything such as the stay, food, sightseeing, fees for entering the workshop, extra expenses, but the school authorities will not be financing the air tickets, you may pay that money in the office so we can book your airplane tickets." Her history teacher said.

"T-that's not a problem from my side Mrs. Moore, my Dad will definitely pay the air tickets."

"Well, then its settled! So shall I include your name for the trip?" Her teacher said with a bright smile.

"Yes! Yes definitely!" Alana said beaming with joy.

"Oh how can I forget! The trip's going to be one week long, we'll be leaving on 24th of this May and return on 31st of May." Her teacher said looking in a Diary.

"O-okay" Alana said who was still awestruck.

"Now dear, close your mouth, you look rather comical." Her teacher said as she chuckled.

"Thank you so much Mrs.Moore!" Alana jumped in delight.

"I suppose that you should be in your class" Her teacher said as she removed her glasses.

"No Mrs. Moore its my free hour." Alana said with utter respect.

"Alright, you can go now and please tell your Dad if he has any doubt related to this trip, he can contact the office." Her teacher said.

"Sure Mrs. Moore! Thanks again." Alana replied with her gleeful tone and got out of the History class.

As Alana stood in the hallway she could not help but be incredibly happy

"I am going to Amsterdam" Alana muttered to herself "I AM GOING TO AMSTERDAM, I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM GOING TO AMSTERDAM!" Alana shouted in the hallway and got

every-one's stare at her as a reply.

Alana had visited many countries, Russia, Japan, India, UK, South Africa, Greece and Italy with her Dad and Cody, but they had never been to the Netherlands.

Netherlands had always been at the top in their bucket list, but they both never got a chance to visit the Netherlands and when they were finally going for a Europe tour which included the Netherlands, Cody disappeared, one week prior.

"I am going to Amsterdam, I am going to Amsterdam" Alana sung to herself and skipped towards her locker.


'So what do I do in this free hour, I could meet Abigail as she also has a free hour too but then, she would do anything to solve her stupid fashion emergency' Alana thought to herself as she stood against the support of her locker.

'I could go read some books in the library! Why not do something productive with life' Alana thought and headed towards the library.


'FINALLY! ITS BREAK!' Alana shouted in her mind. She was finally out of her one of the most boring class in the history of classes.


Alana had read Harry Potter in her free hour and was craving for more until the stupid bell had to ring and she had to go to her stupid English class.

They read Shakespeare today


"I can finally go eat something! Yippe!" Alana muttered to herself.

Alana made her way towards the locker-room to keep her books.

She entered the locker-room and saw Amara Rose standing infront of her locker.

Umm. . . They both had decided to meet in the cafeteria, what was she doing infront of her locker? And how did she possibly know her locker number?

"Hey" Amara muttered, looking at the floor.

"Yeah hey, uh, how do you know my locker number?" Alana questioned her eyebrows arched.

"You know that right you are popular? Mostly everyone in this school knows your locker number." Amara said as a matter-of-fact.

"Oh yeah, so shall we leave for the cafeteria, I am quite hungry." Alana said pointing at her grumbling stomach.


Alana and Amara Rose sat on

table no. 9, which Alana and her buddies called the unpopular table.

Alana looked over at table no. 5 where she used to sit with her friends and how it was empty at that moment.

"I love spaghetti!" Amara Rose said in delight which caught Alana off-gaurd from her thoughts.

Amara's bangs covered her face till her eyebrows and her silky black hair were tied in a ponytail. She had chipmunked rosy cheeks but the scar on her right cheek seemed to overshadow the

pink-ish color of it. Her skin was pale as porcelain. She kind of looked like her mother AKA Maddison AKA her aunt, but she didn't completely look like her. She would've looked pretty if she removed those hideous glasses of hers.

"Remove your glasses" Alana got up and took off her glasses.

"Hey! Give them back!" Amara half-screamed.

"You can see without 'em right?" Alana questioned.

"Y-yeah" Amara replied.

"So you don't need them from now on" Alana said. Amara had big brown eyes just like Maddison. She may not look much like her mother but they shared some prominent features.

"Earth to Alana!" Amara said, breaking her thoughts.

"Yeah, I am here" Alana replied

"You zoned out for a moment" Amara said.

"Can I ask you something?" Alana said as she sipped her apple juice.

"Sure" Amara said, her voice slightly audible.

"Do you always sit alone during lunch?" Alana wanted to make sure because no one had joined them by now, she looked at table no. 5 and saw it was still empty.

"No, I also have friends" Amara chuckled "They'll be coming any minute now, they always get late as they some choir practice which I am not aware of."

"Oh!" Alana said

"Amara, what is she doing here?"

Alana and Amara Rose, both looked at their left and saw two girls and one guy standing there. Alana quickly recognized those three, It was Lexi, Bailey and Trevor.

"Isn't she the one who always bullies you Amara? Little Miss Popular? Little Miss Perfection?" Trevor said and furrowed his eyebrows.

"So that's what you call me? I am honored" Alana replied sarcastically.

"If you're here to trouble our friend then we will not spare you Alana Williams." Lexi said, scowling at Alana and crossed her arms.

"Yeah!" Bailey and Trevor said in unison.

"Guys, she's good now, a-and I trust her, she apologized to me, and I think she's changed" Amara said to her friends.

"If you say so" Bailey and Trevor again said in unison.

"I still don't trust her" Lexi said in a flat voice.

"You know I have trust issues Lex, and trusting isn't my thing, but something, in her voice seemed genuine, you have to believe her! For me?" Amara pleaded like a kid.

"Whatever" Lexi said, still frowning.

All the three of them sat at the table. Bailey and Trevor sat beside Alana and Lexi protectively sat beside Amara Rose, her eyes showed seriousness and didn't fail to give Alana many deathly glares.

'Woah! Lexi is scary!' Alana thought.

Bailey, Trevor and Amara were bickering on 'is spaghetti best food ever or no' and Lexi was busy eating the apple and glaring at Alana.

Alana who was immensely uncomfortable, looked at the table no. 5. Abigail and Amanda were still not there, where were those girls?

"Looking for your minions?" Lexi said, as she shoved some spaghetti in her mouth.

"As a matter of fact, yes" Alana replied curtly.

Lexi had dark brown hair, which were pretty long and wavy and gray eyes that seemed intense. She had wheat colored skin and was tall. Her hair were tied in a tight bun and some stray pieces of hair fell infront of her face.

Bailey and Trevor were the brilliant twins whom Alana always had to compete with in studies. They both had straight fiery red hair and intense green eyes. Both of them were taller than Alana. Bailey let her hair loose and Trevor had gelled them. Those twins were pretty darn smart.

"Earth to Alana" Amara said and Alana quickly tensed. "This is the second time you zoned out, you okay?"

"Yeah, I am fine" Alana replied smiling.

Bailey and Trevor then started bickering on some random topic and they all laughed, Lexi finally gave in and started laughing too. Alana didn't want to admit but she was actually having a good time with them.

"We forgot to tell you something!" Bailey and Trevor said in unison, their enthusiasm clearly showing.

"What is it?" Lexi asked with a smile on her face.

"Our school's taking ten gifted students to Amsterdam for IHWFS for one week! And we both are selected to go by Mrs. Moore!" Bailey said, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

"IHWFS stands for International History Workshop For Students! Isn't this amazing? Amsterdam! For one week! No parents! I've always wanted to travel alone once in my life!" Trevor said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Wow! That's huge! Congrats guys!" Lexi said as she hugged the twins.

"Congrats both of you!" Amara said, a smile plastered on her face but her eyes showed a hint of jealousy.

"Guys! Mrs. Moore selected me too! I guess we'll be going together then!" Alana said, grinning.

"I should have guessed! You're a star kid too" Trevor said.

"Alana! Congrats! And please bring a souvenir for me when you guys come back!" Lexi said and chuckled. Maybe she isn't that scary after all.

"Congrats" Amara said, her expression serious and her eyes, filled with jealousy.

What's up with Amara?

"Oh my god" Alana heard a familiar voice. She turned back and saw Amanda and Abigail standing there.

"What are you doing with these losers?" Amanda said as she eyed the others.

"We've been looking everywhere for you! We even missed half of our lunch time searching for you and you sit here? With these people?" Abigail said, her voice, slightly elevated.

"First of all they are not losers, you don't have any right to call them losers and you could have always called on my cell right?" Alana said as she stood up. The whole cafeteria was looking at them now as if a film was being played.

"We did, but you never picked up" Amanda said.

Alana then checked her mobile and saw six missed calls, three from Abigail and three from Amanda.

"Oh yeah, and congrats for being selected for that one week trip to Amsterdam, smarty pants" Abigail said, her nose scrunched up, which she only did when she was angry.

"We both heard you telling them about this. Alana? I can't believe this! You always tell us everything first! We are best friends for some reason! And you didn't even search for us! Much less tell us that you are going to Amsterdam first!" Amanda said, her eyes raging with wrath.

"Mrs. Moore selected only intelligent students! I don't know how she selected you! Blondes are supposed to be stupid! And yes! You are stupid that you are hanging out with these loners!" Abigail said and pointed at her friends.

"Not all blondes are stupid Abigail! Just like how not all brunettes are smart! Example you! And don't you dare call them loners! Atleast they're better than you two, they stand up for each other" Alana said, who was now immensely furious.

"I can't believe this, I don't even know you Alana! This is Amara Rose! The same girl who plotted to get me and Abigail out of the school because we were popular!" Amanda shouted. "Abigail? You called me stupid? I'm a blonde too, Remember?"

"Except you Am" Abigail pouted.

"Amara apologized infront of the whole school for what she did! Didn't she? Sorry both of you, but you should leave" Alana shouted back.

"You're not my friend anymore" Abigail muttered.

"Abi, we should leave, we don't associate with unpopular people, don't we?" Amanda said and they both left and Alana could see, Abigail turning and muttering something to Amanda in disgust.

"That, was genius" Bailey said in awe

"I didn't think you would stand up against your own friends" Trevor said, his eyes as wide as saucers.

"After this little accident of yours with your friends, I guess, I can trust you, although I still have my eyes on you" Lexi said as she patted Alana.

"Lexi, that's not 'little accident', its huge, a-a-and Alana, thanks for defending me." Amara said and gave a thankful smile.

"Its. . . nothing, don't mention it" Alana said, her voice was quivering now.

"Its okay Alana, you stood up for us and now we will stand up for you no matter what." Bailey and Trevor said in unison.

"You twins scare me, you know?" Alana said as she chuckled.

"We call that twin-apathy." Bailey said with an amusing smile.

"Yep." Trevor nodded in agreement.

"Guys, I have a plan." Amara said.

"What?" They all said in unison.

"I want to take you to a place I call 'Home'! We can fun there, and when Dad comes home, you all can leave." Amara said with a hint of glee in her face.

"Amara, you remember The last time I came?" Lexi said, her intense gray, seemed full of anger, sorrow.

"Yeah. . . but no worries! Aunt Hilda is there! She always gets Dad under control!" Amara said optimistically.

"Alright! Ride's on me guys! We'll meet at the front door after the school." Alana said smiling.

"Sounds great!" Bailey and Trevor said in unison (again).

"Yeah" Lexi's eyes full of emotions Alana couldn't read.

"I hope everything goes well." Amara said, with a melancholic smile.

Everything would go well, right?


Hello all, hope you liked this chapter! I really enjoyed writing this one because I got to show a catfight, WHICH, I love to see and love to write but hate to get into(!!!)

Stay tuned for the next chapter!


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