Solitary Reaper: Ever After

Alana Williams is a spoilt rich brat, who gets everything at the tip of her toe, but everything in her life becomes upside down when her family's past decides to come and give a friendly visit.

This story is based on the poem The Solitary Reaper written by William


5. Chapter 4- Beautiful Roses

May 11, 2015


Alana hated Mondays

After every beautiful Sunday, there had to be a stupid Monday?


Life is hard.

Well. . .she couldn't exactly call her previous Sunday, beautiful.

She could call her previous Sunday 'Dreadful'.

"Uuuuggghhhhhhhh" Alana groaned, as she attempted to switch off the alarm clock as she lay in her bed.

No luck, her hands weren't that long.

Alana, after a huge struggle got up from her bed to switch off the stupid alarm clock.

"What time is it?" Alana mumbled to herself as she checked the Alarm Clock.

"8:59 Am" Alana said as she yawned.

Wait a minute

8:59 am!

Her school started 9 Am

Oh no!

She was late.

"Oh no! I am late!" Alana said to herself.

She rushed out of her bed and ran into the living room where her Dad sat as he read a newspaper. Wow? Didn't he realize that his daughter was getting late for her school? How is he acting so calm!


"You're late? Well look at the time" Logan said

Alana looked at the grandfather clock and the time was 8:05 Am


She wasn't late

"Thank goodness" Alana breathed a sigh of relief

"Dad, you messed up with my alarm clock, didn't you?" Alana said.

"Oh yes I did!" He had a mischievous smile on.

"Daaaaaaaaaad" Alana groaned.

"My new trick to wake you up without any wastage of my energy!" Logan said as he smiled.

"Pft Dad, you're so weird sometimes!"


Alana couldn't decide what she wanted to wear.

Did she want to wear her new designer dress from Lipsy London? Or the cute mini skirt she bought from Forever 21?

As she looked her wardrobe Alana found what she had to wear.


After a quick shower, Alana got ready. She wore her dark washed skinny jeans and a pink color, polo shirt.

She tied her hair into a pony tail and decided not to wear her contact lenses but to wear her RayBan glasses.

On usual days, while getting ready for school Alana used to cake her face with lots of makeup. but today? She didn't even apply lip gloss.

What had gotten into her?

Alana had decided not to be a snobby girl anymore and to be a simple school girl.

As she stared at her reflection in the mirror Alana couldn't help but feel different "I look really laid back" Alana said to herself "I like it" She said and smiled at herself.

Alana grabbed her backpack and was ready to leave. She had a choice, either to wear her Jimmy Choos or to wear her sneakers.

Finally she decided to wear her sneakers. She was really happy with her 'Simple, Laid Back look'.

"Dad I am leaving for school!" Alana said to her Dad.

"Alright sweety, have a good day and yeah, today I might come home late because I have an important meeting today, you have the keys?" Logan said

Alana held out the house keys in approval "yup, have 'em, bye Dad!"

"Bye Al!" Logan waved.

Alana got out of her house, unlocked her mini-cooper and got into her car, she inserted the her car keys and turned them, the engine came to life. She turned on the music player and hummed to the beats of her favorite song.


After a fifteen minute drive, Alana reached her school 'Winston High'

She parked her car, and got into her school.

Alana had just entered and everyone was staring at her. All she could get out out of her mouth was "um?".

She went to her locker to get her books for her first class and saw her friends Abigail and Amanda waiting for her near her locker.

Alana couldn't help but laugh by looking at both of them, they both looked comical, their eyes as wide as saucers and their mouths dangling open.

Alana approached them and said "Hey girls!"

"What in the name of Victoria Beckham are you wearing?" Abigail said in utter shock.

"Omg! You look hideous!" Amanda said, as she stared at Alana in dismay.

"Uh, thanks?" Alana said.

"Are you even thinking straight? You are like the most popular girl in the school! Don't you have a reputation to maintain?" Abigail said and crossed her arms, her brown hair bouncing at her shoulders, her green eyes showed a hint of confusion.

"Omg and look at your hair! You tied them into a simple ponytail! That's against our rules!" Amanda said, looking at Alana in disgust, her blonde hair, tied into a messy four strand braid , swept infront of her shoulders and her hazel eyes, showed a small hint of confusion.

"Ew, did you buy that shirt from Walmart?" Abigail asked, wrinkling her nose.

"That disgusting pink color of you polo shirt is not matching with my new Prada handbag!" Amanda said, as she gently caressed her new so-called Prada handbag.

"On Friday, you told that you're gonna wear your Dolce and Gabbana, summer coat, and your Jimmy Choos!" Abigail said.

"Gross, I don't even know you anymore Alana" Amanda said

"With this outfit of yours, you became pluto!" Abigail said with no idea of what she's saying.

"What?" Amanda and Alana said in unison.

"Uh um, you know, Pluto, its uh, um, not a part of Solid System?" Abigail had many um(s) and uh(s) while stating this.

"Abi! Its not Solid System! Its Solar System!" Amanda said, clearly irritated.

It was taking Alana's incredible will not to laugh at Abigail's stupidity.

"Whatever! I don't care!" Abigail said back instantly.

"Hey girls!" It was Derek, the most popular guy in year ten.

"Hey Derek!" Abigail said and tried to look smart.

"Yeah hey" Amanda said, in no interest to talk with him.

"Don't have anywhere to go Derek?" Alana said rudely.

"Yeah, I must be going to library, but seeing you guys on my way I just thought to say hi to some friends!" Derek said with a crooked smile.

"First of all, we are not your friends, at-least not me" Amanda said rudely "you just said 'hi' to all three of us so, bubye!"

"Omg don't be rude Amanda!" Abigail said defensively.

"Um Alana? You look, different with that outfit." Derek said with his eyebrows raised and a weird look on his face.

"Ok, can everybody stop?" Alana said, who was now a bit cross. A bit?


Too cross

"So what brings you here?" Amanda said, who still continued being rude.

"Yeah, well I just wanted to ask that you guys are attending my party on this Saturday right?" Derek said.

"Definitely! We three are attending! I mean who can miss your parties? They're like soooo the best!" Abigail said, with a fake 'squeeee' at the end.

Hmmm, guess Abigail had decided to answer on Alana's behalf.

"Abi is going and I think she definitely needs someone to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid, so yeah I have to be there, even though I have no interest or whatsoever in your stupid party Derek!" Amanda said with a fake smile plastered on her fave.

"Rude" Derek frowned at Amanda, "So yeah, I better get going, see you all later, except you Amanda!" Derek waved at them and left.

"He's so disgusting! How is he even popular! Ugh" Amanda said with a frown.

"Exactly! I am going, because I love love loooveee parties!" Abigail said with a smile.

"You love love looveee parties! And I have to act like your nanny" Amanda said as she pouted at Abigail.

"Alana! We have to do something with that disgusting outfit of yours! Its Fashion Emergency time!" Abigail said and diverted her attention towards Alana.

"Omg finally! Abigail has said something wise!" Amanda said and crossed her arms.

"Um. . .I have to go, its time for my History class! And you don't know! How strict my teacher is in terms of being late! I don't wanna get in detention! So, bye girls! Ttyl!" Alana had to make a fake excuse.

"But Al! Classes start in fifteen minutes!" Amanda said quickly.

"Yeah we have to solve a fashion emergency!" Abigail said and twitched her lips.

But Alana was gone by then.

"How stupid those two can be!" Alana muttered to herself.

Ok. everyone was creeping her out now, ever since she had entered her History class, everyone had been staring and pointing at her.


Did she have a toilet paper sticking to her back or what?

Alana then saw Amara Rose, entering the classroom, how could Alana possibly forget that Amara was in her honors History class!

"I need to talk to her" Alana muttered to herself.

She got up from her seat and walked towards where Amara was standing.

"Hey" Alana said to Amara Rose in a sweet way.

"What do you want?" Amara quickly replied, as she took a step back.

"Well, I just want to talk to you. Is that wrong?" Alana said still smiling.

"Sorry" Amara Rose said looking down, her bangs falling above her brown eyes.

"For what? Alana said who was now a bit curious to know more about Amara.

"Um, I donno?" Amara said looking up and gazing up at Alana, her scar on her right cheek had become lighter now.

"Well, I want to be friends with you." Alana said smiling at Amara Rose.

"I'm sorry, if this is a prank by you and your minions, I don't appreciate it" Amara said in a nervous haste.

"Its not, i've change for good" Alana gave her a genuine smile.

"Okay I guess." Amara said quickly.

"so first, I want you to sit next to my seat" Alana said pointing at her seat.

"But, I don't see any empty seat beside yours?" Amara said.

"Watch me" Alana said smirking.

Alana walked down to her seat

"Alan, go sit somewhere else" Alana said to the boy sitting across her.

"And why?" the boy said.

"Because I said so! Now move before you regret your actions" Alana gazed sternly at him.

"O-okay" The boy replied and left the seat in a haste.

"Well, Amara, you can sit here" Alana said to Amara Rose as she flashed a toothy smile at her.

"Thanks" Amara replied shyly and smiled at Alana.

"Good morning students please open page number 261 of your history textbooks" their History teacher said as she wore her glasses.

"talk to you after class then!" Amara said


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